Aquarium Supplies for any Budget and Personality

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Aquarium supplies can be quite reasonable if you are selective and careful.
Aquarium Supplies can be quite demanding of the budget if you go nuts with having to have one of everything. But while these two points are quite obvious, not as obvious is that aquarium supplies are uniquely accessible, regardless of your spending habits, your experience as an aquarist, or your ability to restrain the snatching up of every fish and item that has appeal. And many do: of the aquarium, the hood, the lighting system, the heater, the filter, gravel, water treatment equipment, and solutions, cleaning supplies, and–most appealing, of course–the freshwater or saltwater fish, it will be up to you to try and limit yourself to one of each. One of each, yes, provided each is of the best quality and/or health. I wish you the best of luck. I couldn’t do it. Limit the purchases that are.

The Allure of the Glass Aquarium
In the days when my friends and I frequented bars after a long day’s work, our favourite watering hole was moderate in scale, nicely lit place with hardwood floors, two levels of tables, and an amazing, massive glass aquarium filled with beautiful and exotic tropical fish.

It had to be the glass aquarium that drew us, though we only glanced in that direction occasionally, for it must have been the clarity, the reflective quality, the feel of the movement and the presence of the vital element of water, as well as the fantastic variety of the calming flow of the fish within that drew us to the bar.

Today I browse the glass aquarium options online and am just as drawn. Their size, their colouring, their refreshing, head, and soul-cleansing properties, along with their shapes octagonal and round and square, are enough to make one re-think visiting that venue for a tank-side drink—that or buying a tank for the home that is just as lovely and alluring.

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