7 tips for dogs in summer

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Summer is here, and as a dog owner, you are sure to know the problems associated with it: Your tongue’s tongue hangs out of its mouth far and wide. The dog breathes quickly and is only lying around. So that your dogs can also enjoy the summer, I have put together some tips for dogs in the summer. Dogs generally have worse options than humans to regulate their body temperature in hot temperatures. You cannot sweat properly and, therefore, do not benefit from the evaporative cold. The dog’s few sweat glands on the paws hardly cause a cooling. The regulation of body temperature in dogs is made in only two ways: panting and the release of heat through the skin. So that the four-legged friends can get through the hot season unscathed, I have a few tips for you!

Seven tips for dogs in summer – armed for hot days

1. Always offer sufficient drinking

The first and probably most important point that you should consider if you want to take good care of your dog in summer: Always provide enough freshwater, he should be able to drink at any time! Especially in hot temperatures, the risk of dehydration in dogs is otherwise very high, and drinking too little can quickly become life-threatening. Always take water for the dog with you, even when you are out and about! The easiest way is with a practical dog drinking bottle.

2. Seek shadows for the benefit of your four-legged friend

The best way to avoid overheating is, of course, not to expose yourself to the sun. If your dog wants to get out, a dog cooling mat is just the thing. The innovative Scruffs dog cooling mat is immediately ready for use and regenerates itself – without electricity or pre-cooling. The cooling mat uses a gel that releases coolness under pressure over a more extended period.
If you don’t have a cooling mat, your dog offers a beautiful shady area with a cold surface (tiles, stone floors, dark meadow under a bush). Protect your dog from direct sunlight, for example, with the help of parasols or a sun protection vest. If, despite the weather, your dog cannot be prevented from jumping around, take short hikes in the shady forest or the usually somewhat cooler mountains. Avoid stretches of hot paving stones, asphalt roads, or open fields without shade.

3. Avoid sporting activities at lunchtime

At lunchtime, the heat in summer is always particularly high. Avoid sporting activities because they put too much strain on the dog’s cardiovascular system. It is best to postpone long walks until the early morning or late evening. Only small laps are announced throughout the day, and the lunchtime is more suitable for a nap.

4. Proper grooming

Especially for long-haired dogs, it makes sense to brush the fur regularly, because the more air the skin can do, the better. You might even want to give dogs with an unusually thick and long coat a short summer haircut with the help of a dog clipper. Also, if it may not look so lovely, your dog will thank you if you thin out his hair a little. What many people do not consider is that dogs with dark fur suffer more than dogs with light coats. So definitely in the shade with your wicked darling. And if all of this doesn’t help, put your four-legged friend’s wet legs and stomach on or cover it with a damp cloth.

5. Warning: never leave in the car

Probably everyone already knows it, but I would like to mention it again because it is just so talented! Never leave your dogs alone in the car, the internal temperatures can quickly become a death trap, especially if no window is open. If you spot a dog that is locked in a vehicle alone and the heat is unbearable, you shouldn’t hesitate to call the police to save the little fur nose!

6. Cooling in the water

What do we do in hot temperatures? Yes, of course, we go to a swimming lake and cool off with a swim. So why not also offer the dog the opportunity? 😉 If your dog likes to swim and is a water rat, go swimming together in a lake, river, pond or the sea! If you do not have the opportunity to swim for dogs, then your garden will also do so. 😉
You can quickly and easily set up a dog pool in any backyard. And so that your dog drinks enough, you can also buy a water fountain. You can have real water battles and have fun with your four-legged friend! But slowly begins to spray the limbs so that the temperature shock is not too high.

7. Prepare dog ice cream

Yes, you read that right: dog ice cream, best homemade is a great way to give your darling a treat in hot temperatures! You can prepare it from pure yoghurt or curd cheese, spiced up with dog sausage, wet food, or chewing items, and your dogs will love it. Ice cools you down from the inside. To make cooking even more exciting, you can also fill the dog ice cream in a Kong made of natural rubber.

I hope you take these tips to heart and get through the summer with your dog. Can you think of another tip? Then write to him in the comments! 😉

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