Pet Breeding & Pet Sex: A Must read for pet owners

Pet owners need to decide whether their pet is suitable for pet breeding or not. Not choosing pet breeding is not against the fact that a pet doesn’t need to make and breed to have a fleet of pups to be truly happy. But just because you might think to have children is one of life’s great fulfillment doesn’t mean your pet dog feels the same way about pet breeding. Pet dogs don’t need to experience parenthood to be happy, loving pets. Pet dogs that are neutered tend to be more content since they are not feeling frustration that comes with being unable to mate whenever they want to.

Pet Breeding for Profit:

Pet Breeding, your purebred dog, might seem like an excellent way to help out a little when it comes to paying the dog-food diet bills. In reality, however, there’s very little money to be made from pet breeding. If you are doing it the right way, there is no way to make money. The cost of prenatal care, tests, dietary supplements, and food for the mother alone will cost a bundle. There is money you will spend on food and veterinary care for the pups before you sell them. Its can also be hard to sell puppies of less popular breeds.

The Neutering operation itself is an extremely safe procedure, done under general anesthetic, to remove the dog’s reproductive organs. These organs produce the sex hormones: testosterone in males, estrogen in females. The dog’s instinct to mate is driven by these chemicals, which also make it possible to breed. In the neutering procedure, males have their testicles surgically remove from the scrotum. With females, the uterus fallopian tubes and ovaries are taken out. After the operation, your dogs dating days are over & your dog will have lost all desire to mate.

The cost of neutering varies depending on where you live, neutering a male pet can cost between 65 to 125, whereas female usually cost about 85 to 160 as the time for the surgery is longer.

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