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Never heard of the Smugglers Cove? Still trying to figure out what exactly this place is for? Great! Read on! Here I will be covering how the Smugglers Cove located on Krawk Island works. Of course, I am not claiming this is 100% accurate as to how Neopets program the Smugglers Cove, but I believe it gives a fair idea for those who are new to this area of the site. Plus, if we all knew exactly how the Smugglers Cove is programmed, then there surely wouldn’t be all this hype and excitement every time a new cove item is released.

I. Introduction

According to TNT, the way the Smugglers Cove restocks is random. But then again, TNT claims a lot of false things, such as being able to win Moehog Skulls from ANY of the Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcards. This is impossible as the corresponding Furwitch icon scratches do not appear on the lower end scratchcards, but we won’t get into all that detail in this guide.

II. Dubloons Here is a list of compatible doubloons for using at the Smugglers Cove:

One Dubloon Coin

Two Dubloon Coin

Five Dubloon Coin

Ten Dubloon Coin

Twenty Dubloon Coin

Fifty Dubloon Coin

One Hundred Dubloon Coin

Two Hundred Dubloon Coin

Five Hundred Dubloon Coin

One Thousand Dubloon Coin

If you’d like to cut down on the number of doubloon coins you have in your inventory, you can visit the Dubloon-O-Matic on Krawk Island.

Here, you can convert your doubloons in a one way, upwards manner of combining smaller denominations to turn them into single larger denominations. So bear in mind, this does NOT work the other way in terms of breaking down larger denominations into smaller ones.

III. Cove Restocks

The initial amount of each unique item stocked by the Smugglers Cove is 100. So what this means, is that the new cove item would keep restocking over time (usually for a week or so), until 100 have been released through the Smugglers Cove. There was indeed a point in time when TNT decided to re-release 20 more of all previously released Cove items.

There have been several Editorial questions regarding how the Smugglers Cove system works. One of the prominent answers provided by TNT can be found within this issue:

Right off the bat, they state that “Yep, it’s random.”. Whether or not you believe them, that is up to your discretion. There have also been rumors going around that the restocks happen somewhere within the 57th second to the next new minute – but in my opinion, there is not enough evidence to know for sure. It could have been a few coincidences, or it could have been that just no one refreshed at an earlier time. Do keep in mind that if you’re indeed lucky enough to chance upon a restock, you will be prompted with a pop-up window after clicking on the freshly restocked Cove item, asking for your confirmation – so don’t start celebrating after you’ve clicked on the topic!

Also, note that you do NOT have to have the EXACT amount that the new Cove item costs. You are allowed to carry equal to or more than the cost, and you will be given the change in return after your purchase.

IV. Cove Bans

You are only limited to just a tiny handful of refreshes at the Smugglers Cove. Sometimes you may get banned by just stepping into the Smugglers Cove, other times you may be lucky enough to get in multiple refreshes. From my years of experience, I would say <2 updates is the average allotted amount before you usually get hit by the ban. Some people have gained upwards of 6+ refreshes before getting banned, but that’s pushing your luck if you plan on that happening. Another rumor is that Premium users have a better chance of not getting banned as often. I call this bogus as some of my friends who do have Premium still result in the same/similar refresh amounts. Plus, this would be an almost direct advantage over other normal non-paid users which TNT does not condone. Therefore, choose your refresh times when you feel ready!

From my personal experience, refreshing multiple times closely together gets you banned more often than if you try to spread out your refreshes. However, if you do feel the next restock is coming sooner than later, go ahead and take that risk! It may be worth it!

The ban periods usually last around 30 minutes to 1 hour. To my experience, attempting to refresh while being banned does not ‘reset’ the ban time. But of course, be aware that if you carelessly update, thinking that you’re still banned, but you’re already unbanned, that refresh will of course count.

V. Closing Remarks

I want to end this with a few points to keep in mind:

Don’t get too excited. Try to stay calm. You need to be focused, equipped with your fastest and most accurate clicking skills. Everyone and their moms will be at the SAME place looking for the SAME item!

This is a game of pure luck! Trust your gut instincts on when to refresh and pray that you don’t (or do?) happen to lag on loading the page – but you do NOT want to lag after clicking the confirmation link!

Make sure you double-check the inventory that you have at least enough doubloons to purchase the item!

Current Newest Smugglers Cove Item:

Sword of White Lies Cost: 300 Dubloons

Hope this has been informative for you all! Thanks!

Best of luck winning BIG!!!

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