Nutrinopets – A shine of truth behind the mountain of lies

Everybody knows about NutrinoPets, an online Virtual Pet Gaming Community owned by Kady and Charles, originally opened In 2002 by LilShortKid123, Trigger_Frenzy, and Beeps. Well, recently there has been a lot of information being thrown around about what has been going on with Virtual Pet List. We can remember back in 2005 when Haywire from VirtualPetList, he Was known as InvisibleBoy at the time, fell victim of their lies. We are here today to bring you the whole story!

NutrinoPets was offline when Haywire was exploring their temporary forums, so he decided to contact the owners at the time, Kady and ‘ValinHalcyon.’ He offered them space on his server so that they could get back on their feet, this was excellent, within the week NutrinoPets was brought back from the dead. This went on until the owners broke promises they could not Keep. Kady had promised Haywire $200 a month from the advertising revenue, so long as he provided them with services, including programming and management. He was excited; he accepted this offer and started helping out.

Haywire developed their Gold Account System, and NutrinoPets started making a revenue, within the first week it had Made over USD 1,000! Haywire did one thing though wrong, he stored all of the money in his Paypal account, and was Basically ‘laundering’ it over to Kady’s account. One day he came online to see his server was offline and NutrinoPets Was once again on a temporary forum. He tried logging in to his server, and nothing, his server was wholly corrupted, everything was gone. After reading over the temporary forums, he found a thread with his personal information within, including Name, address, and phone number. What were the owners of NutrinoPets thinking?

Haywire started receiving phone calls to his residence, to his parents, claiming he stole NutrinoPets and was trying to sell it off on eBay. How was this, how could he even ’take’ the scripts, when they were hosted on his server, he was programming for them and was blatantly told that he should keep a copy on a ‘local server’ for development.

Things started getting bad, for over a year this incident tarnished Haywire’s reputation, but he began to gain it back. With the release of his website, CelosPlanet. For a while it was thought to have been using NutrinoPets scripts, until Carlos, owner of was shown snippets from the scripts, that’s when he concluded that NutrinoPets had framed Haywire.

This was long forgotten, until recently, one of the Artists from NutrinoPets, Malveasor created a thread on VirtualPetList Stating they had done something very similar. Could it be that Kady and Charles are still at it? Well, from what we have read, it seems so….

What happened was back in the day, Mal was an artist for NutrinoPets, what had happened is after a while of becoming bored with the lack of direction and development on Nutrinopets, Mal quit. It was on relatively good terms, but no longer than a week had rolled by before Karla (Kady), and Charles immediately began spreading all sorts of slander about Mal and his work ethic behind his back. When he discovered this and tried to confront them, they hid behind their power on Nutrinopets and banned his account. They also went back on their agreement and refused to pay for the artwork that he had provided. This was not long before Haywire started at NutrinoPets! So things kept going, and not long ago, Mal was confronted by Kady, who apologized and paid for the artwork. Mal then started working for NutrinoPets Again, hoping that things had changed, but that was his mistake.

This time he was terminated, not to mention the fact that Charles (Ticondrius/ValinHalcyon) went on to the forums and Posted to the community that he was pedophilia, one of the worst accusations you could make. Why would someone post something like that, in a city meant for children? It not only tarnishes Mal’s reputation but that of NutrinoPets For the fact that they may be hiring people like that.

With all the discussion on VirtualPetList, not once has Kady or Charles responded to any of the accusations, that means they Aren’t denying or confirming them… That looks quite bad on them. NutrinoPets has quite a bad history; as a matter of fact, it is said by the original owner (LilShortKid123) that the website was STOLEN from him! Mal has since confirmed this was indeed the way Nutrinopets was taken over. What is up with that, that is a colossal Thing! NutrinoPets in December alone made more than $5,000USD on a particular item purchase, let alone the account upgrades and Advertisements.

What we want to know is why they are doing this; why they are scamming their users, why they are lying…

It seems the bad news coming from Nutrinopets never ceases, as recently, after the above events took place, Nutrinopets’ “new” programmer, Laserninja, ran to the administrators whining that artists had emergency moderator powers. Is Nutrinopets so afraid of giving even the most modest amount of energy to another staff member? What would they have to fear, unless it is true they did indeed seize Nutrinopets as soon as they were given power and are now afraid another staff member might do the same? With each step forward, Nutrinopets has seemed to take two steps back.

This shouldn’t be surprising, however. In their recent staff meeting to discuss the direction (or lack thereof) of Nutrinopets, any artist or moderator who submitted a simple, practical idea was immediately shot down by Charles, because nothing fits into his “plan.” The problem with his “plan” is at no point do his ideas ever touch base with reality, and they rarely ever get out of the planning stage. These artists who have continued to work hard to keep Nutrinopets active and alive are treated with less respect than even the moderators. The administrators do not respect the work of the artists, which considering the artists’ work is what allows them to live without having to get a real job, is very insulting to artists everywhere.

Therefore, it becomes evident that the artists exist solely to put money into the pockets of the administrators, while the administrators continue making empty promises and luring the Nutrinopets user population on with claims of v2’s completion. Back when Mal was first on staff, the big revolution of Nutrinopets was going to be the addition of player-vs-player arenas. Five years later, those are still nowhere to be found.

The fact is the users can continue to throw their money down the toilet that has become known as the Future of Nutrinopets if they so desire. But it shouldn’t be under the promise of a v2, nor should it be on the backs of the artists who only see a tiny percentage of the donations mostly received because of their hard work. It is clear that Charles and Karla’s most significant motivation for the hostile takeover of Nutrinopets those many years ago was to milk every penny they can from the users, whom they keep in the dark about their shady activities behind the scenes and distract them with shiny new items and hollow promises they don’t intend to keep.

Of course, Laserninja has become the catalyst of Nutrinopets’ descent, but those events wouldn’t have taken place under respectful management that knew to take hearsay from an infamous liar as a grain of salt. He’s confessed to dating an underage girl, logs have been presented proving he was a sizeable influential force behind the significant duping incident that took place many months ago, and now he cries when he doesn’t get his way. As Laserninja borrows deeper into the heart of Nutrinopets, it becomes evident that v2 is nothing more than the Cancer of Nutrinopets, with Laserninja being just another malignant tumor.

No word on whether fellow staff member and invisimod, Ilyashap, will be made into the next tumor to infiltrate and rot in the heart of Nutrinopets. But at that site’s current rate of descent, it’s unlikely he’d have any more influence over the already dying establishment.

In conclusion, we would like to spread these final words of wisdom… Spend your money wisely: do not donate to Nutrinopets. Instead, go into the bathroom and flush the money you were thinking of giving to them one by one. Every so often, the toilet may clog, and you’ll finally feel like a winner.

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