Are There Cleaner Fish For Home Tanks

Are There Cleaner Fish For Home Tanks?

Algae is a common issue for many fish owners. The problem that you have is less of cleaning it and more that you need a certain amount of algae for your fish to thrive. That... Read more
Which Pet Fish Can Live Together

Which Pet Fish Can Live Together?

Whether you already have fish and want to add to your collection, or if you are looking to start an aquarium, only having one species of fish may not be your ideal setup. Many people... Read more
Should You Have A Pet Red Belly Piranha

Should You Have A Pet Red Belly Piranha?

Having a piranha or two as a pet is something that many people want as a fish. They are intriguing, interesting, and very different from the average goldfish. However, should you have a pet red-bellied... Read more
When Do Pet Fish Sleep

When Do Pet Fish Sleep?

If you have an aquarium or have seen one regularly, then you have probably noticed that they are always swimming around. They may change the pace of their movements, but you never see one lying... Read more
Can Pet Fish Make You Sick

Can Pet Fish Make You Sick?

There are many people who enjoy looking at and looking after pet fish. There are so many species of fish to choose from that, if you get it right, you can make an absolutely stunning... Read more
what pet fish dont need a heater

What Pet Fish Don’t Need A Heater?

If you are a first-time fish owner or planning to be one, then you are probably wondering about the setup that you need for them. That can, and often does, lead you to think about... Read more
What To Feed Your Pet Piranha

What To Feed Your Pet Piranha

Piranhas are beautiful fish, and they are well known for being feeding generalists (they eat almost anything). Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons that people make bad choices when deciding to keep piranhas. They... Read more
Can Pet Fish Get Worms

Can Pet Fish Get Worms?

The simple answer to “Can pet fish get worms?” is yes, they can. Just like any animal, parasites can infect fish, even though tropical fish are more likely to get them. There are two main... Read more
Can Pet Fish Eat Bread

Can Pet Fish Eat Bread?

Many a time you have been to the lake, pond, or river and seen people throwing little bits of bread into the water. Yes, sometimes that is for the ducks, but they will miss some,... Read more
Can Pet Fish Have Babies?

Can Pet Fish Have Babies?

Almost all species of pet fish can lay eggs, however, it is not always an easy task to tell when they are carrying them. The most common way to tell if one of your pet... Read more
Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are mystical, magical, beautiful, exotic creatures, and are as such great pets. Tropical fish are also easy to care for (at least more accessible than they were years ago, before the advancements in... Read more
Aquarium Lighting

Aquarium Lighting

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases which allows us to continue our work. When we choose to light for our human castles, we consider the beautification characteristics first, then take into account... Read more