Quiz: What pet is absolutely perfect for you?

The best pet that suits your personality and your home. No answer is wrong here, you can determine which pet it suits you and your family.


How often do you go on long vacations?

How do you like to relax?

What do you want from a pet?

Have you ever owned a pet before?

How would you describe your living space?

How often are you at home?

Do you have allergies?

I am more____________

Which of these is your least favorite chore?

Which is your favorite subject in science?

Do you like science as pet

What pet is absolutely perfect for you?
You should get a CAT

You should get a CAT, for it--with its both loving and independent nature--is in many ways the perfect pet compromise. While often down for a cuddle and some loving, cats are enormously less work than dogs and are perfectly content on their own for great lengths of time. Playful, curious, and yet aloof, cats play to both the child and the adult in you.
You should get a FISH

You should set up and stock an aquarium, which is a wonderful way to add peace and tranquility to your home. However, don't make the mistake of thinking fish are too easy. In fact, the more time and effort you put into their care, the more beautiful the reward. Whether you want a lone betta in a small tank or a miniature coral reef, fish offer choices and flexibility more than most other kinds of pets!
You should get a RODENT

You should get a rodent such as a hamster, which is at once both cute and cuddly, and yet does not take up that much space or that much work to take care of. They can offer you lovely companionship without overloading you with demands or expense and, with patience, are actually quite trainable!
You should get a BIRD

Parrot as a Pet Animal

You should get a bird, where you can find both beauty and companionship. Birds are notoriously clever and vocal, and are easily trainable. That being said, they also are perfectly capable of sticking up for themselves, so their attitude often meets your attitude.
You should get a DOG

You should get the good, old-fashioned dog. You love spending time with your animal, and a dog is the most rewarding for all your time and effort. You value love and companionship, and find the rigorous demands of owning a dog well worth your time!
You should get a SNAKE/SPIDER

You should get a snake, which is beautiful, undemanding, and surprisingly relaxing. If you have never owned a snake, holding one or even watching it go about its day can be an exercise in tranquility and patience. Snakes also make great pets, because they make very little demands on your time. If you are too busy for a dog or a cat, a snake can be a great way to add some interest and company to your home without all the worry!

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