Dog Food Choices

Dog food may be labeled as complete and balanced if it meets the standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. These standards were formulated by panels of canine and feline nutrition experts. Dog food is certified by meeting published standards for content or bypassing feeding trials. Keep in mind that the rules set only minimums and maximums. Commercial foods are designed to be adequate for the average dog.

Understanding Ingredients

A good dog food for your dog meets with a specific, high-quality ingredient base that provides a high level of optimum nutrition for your pet. Dog food ingredients are selected based on their quality and are human-grade, (which HealthyPetNet uses) meaning that they are also used for human consumption. Usually, a higher price tag goes along with the purchase of premium dog food as the cost to find, evaluate and test a high-quality ingredient can be more expensive, and because of this, some dog food manufacturers substitute quality for quantity and opt for the cheap alternative.

They do this because they know that the uneducated public will, frequently, opt to buy the cheaper alternative when given a choice. Also, it is more convenient to purchase your dog’s food as your buying your groceries, so obtaining your dog’s food at the grocery store makes sense, right?

Wrong! We all want our beloved pets to live a long and healthy life. Holistic health care requires us to understand that everything we do affects our pets experiences; no aspect should be overlooked.

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