Small but great: stylish nano aquarium

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Nano aquariums are becoming increasingly popular. These are small aquarium tanks that can contain between 10 and 60 litres. So if you have a small apartment or don’t want to spend that much money but still want an aquarium, then a nano aquarium is perfect for you! However, there are a few points to note with nano aquariums, because the less water your aquarium holds, the more sensitive the biological system inside usually is.

Small but significant: Stylish nano aquarium at ZooRoyal

With me, you will learn everything you need to know about the purchase of such a nano aquarium and where you can buy the functional pieces cheaply.

What you have to consider with nano aquariums

An important point is the location of your small aquarium. You should make sure that the pool is safe and stable in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, algae will form. It is best to rinse the aquarium with hot water before use. Be careful not to use detergents, as this could harm your future residents. Now it’s time to set up your aquarium.
First of all, you should fill in substrate depot fertilizer, which should then be followed by quartz sand or quartz gravel with a maximum grain size of 2 millimetres. You can buy it in different colours and design your aquarium individually. Wash the gravel briefly before filling so that the water does not become cloudy later. Now you can start decorating. Lime-free stones and roots made of aquarium wood, as well as untreated clay pipes or bamboo tubes, are suitable for this. To fill the aquarium with water, it is best to put a cup into which you let tap water run until the aquarium is half full. This way, the gravel is not whirled up. Now you can use previously cleaned plants.
Small shrimps, dwarf crayfish, or snails are suitable as residents for small aquariums. Small fish can also live here, but you have to be careful here, as there is not much fish that can be kept in such a small space. Suitable for this are, for example, dwarf mullets, mosquito bear bladders, dwarf blue bass, guinea fowl bear blanks, or dwarf pitcher plants. Be sure to inform yourself well about the new residents of your aquarium and their needs when buying them.

Inexpensive nano aquariums at ZooRoyal

Do you fancy a nano aquarium? Then take a look at the offers at ZooRoyal. Here you can, for example, get the Tetra AquaArt LED aquarium complete set anthracite for 69.99 €, which convinces with its excellent LED optics and integrated day and night switching.
If you like it a bit chicer, you should take a look at the biOrb LIFE LED Aquarium 15l Standard. A high-quality aquarium with excellent LED lighting, an innovative filter system, and an integrated pump. This chic pool is ideal for holding snails and crabs. At ZooRoyal, this classy nano aquarium has just been reduced from €169 to €149!

You will also find many reduced accessories for your nano aquarium here. Have fun submitting!

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