Doberman breeding knowledge

Previously, owners were offered to the nutrient-rich dog food, than it is now more sophisticated and time-consuming and more. The previous owners believe that every day should provide a quantitative food including fresh beef, vegetables, cereals, egg yolk and milk, besides, to also have to add, such as yeast or other vitamins.

However, in recent years, the need for this practice, and even the views of the benefits have changed. Still providing the egg yolks and milk a day and other daily food, but the primary method has changed, it is understood: There are many experts also affirmed this change. Schools are also taught that “made available to the dog a lot of dog food, mixed in the kitchen than their modulation of dog food better.

The reasons behind the new concept are not difficult to understand. The manufacture of dog food is now a big industry, and there are some well-known and respected dog’s participation, you can feel Xinren these quality products. When people have confidence when using these products to feed the dog, and the puppies are robust at all times maintain the excellent condition that you have nothing to request it?

At least half of the dry dog food excellent as long as mixing with water or broth can be directly fed, or add fresh or canned meat to the dogs to eat. All kinds of canned meat provided the beef may be one hundred per cent or mixed with other things; or a full meal is wholly prepared, including beef and cereals. And several kinds of bags of “fast food”, open the bag directly into the plate on the line, simple as that. “Fast food” at any time, especially when travelling, very clean and comfortable. However, the dry heating water fed regular food, and you can add some canned meat food would be better. The remaining meat or ground beef can sometimes add some, Chongwu Wang recommended that you use canned meat, canned meat as a result of adding vitamins and other nutrients better than fresh chicken. Of course, the two can take turns feeding the meat. If you prefer, and the situation is also a perfect dog, you can certainly supply the ground beef. Dog meat like there is a change in food, canned meat, and it is easy to use to meet their needs. Available, including a variety of canned meat, are beef, beef residue, beef stew, chicken, lamb, liver, meat and a variety of mixed modulation.

Specifically for dogs of all ages, prepared food, from puppies to older dogs, or adjust them to add nutrients. A few years ago the dog was not so lucky, because the dog food cooking technology improved, the dog is suitable to their taste.

Also, its contents and nutrition on the label will be set out, the size and weight for the dog to provide a moderate amount of food.

At present, the dog can have many choices. Vitamin has not necessary. But if you prefer, you can buy several kinds of pet vitamins satisfactory. These products are usually delicious.

Of course, if you think yourself to eat cooked food to the dog would be happier, then you can do so. But there are so many cheap and convenient food options available to you, and your cooking will look very redundant.

How often to feed one, decided on you and your dog is a suitable schedule. Many pet owners like to feed once a day only. Others feel that one day two of the dogs fed the digestion better. And he will feel delighted; particularly in the family, must prepare meals for the family man. The most important thing is not to feed too much, and if fed too much will bring a lot of unnecessary problems.

Just weaned from your dog to twelve weeks when large, should be fed four times a day. It should include the amount of breakfast and lunch puppies nutritional additives, add a cup of hot water or broth (if needed to add a little softer), and a quarter or a quarter-pound of fresh beef, canned beef mixed up. This amount is only about feeding the amount; if you wish, you can add a little more a little less beef nutritional supplement is required. In the evening and before bed, warm water should be distilled milk and fed a mixture of more than one.

When the puppies grew older, in the three months to six months, the number of its feeding into three times a day, the two of milk into a lump of meat and nutritional additives. If the dog is happy to lick the plates clean but did not increase too much weight, then you know that just right amount of feed. If it begins to look a little chubby, should reduce the number of feeding volume; you always do not want your dog is too fat. At the same time: Overweight dogs will make an excessive burden on the limbs and muscles will cause sagging stripes, so be sure to avoid overfeeding. If the dog ate all the food, but still looks very thin, and this requires a little more feeding volume, the dog may not get enough nutrition. Dog to six months, you can take one day plus a snack feeding time, or sooner or later the feeding time. If you are fed only once a day, then dinner time will soon be the time in the afternoon. Do not forget to regularly check for the dog to do the parasite and vigilance. Each dog is an individual, need careful attention.

I always remember ready to clean drinking water for the dog. This is your dog, and it is a lifetime to maintain its good health the most important thing.

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