Did You Ever Thought about Putting a Fish in Your Turtle Tank?

A lot of people thinks about putting a fish together with their turtles in the same water tank. The problem is if you put the turtle in a fish tank or if you put a fish in a turtle tank.

If you put a turtle in the fish tank some turtle care problems might appear:

– First of all, a fish tank usually doesn’t have land are, which is vital for the turtle.

– Fishes are tiny little pets that typically don’t need a very high water level. But the turtles are more prominent and have to swim comfortably. So the water level in a fish tank could be to low for a turtle.

– In the fish tank, the filtration is usually inappropriate for a turtle so the water could get dirty very fast.

– If you put a turtle in a fish tank eventually, the turtles will eat the fish.

– It’s good for fishes to provide them with plenty of plants so they can swim around them or hide. But the turtles will surely eat all the plants in the tank.

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