Dogsharing: The pros and cons for the shared dog

Have you heard of dog sharing? What exactly is that? You would like a dog, but you are working and do not have time to look after a four-legged friend around the clock? We have a problem there. A dog is very time-consuming and demanding because it is, in a way, dependent on us humans. There is another person, maybe a friend, someone from your acquaintance or family who has the same problem as you? Team up, get a dog, and share it easily. That is the principle of dog sharing. But is it that easy? I have listed a few advantages and disadvantages for you here. Decide for yourself what you think of it.

Pro dog sharing

A dog is like a baby, and it can do nothing alone and without humans. The man goes out with him, feeds him, plays, and deals with him and also trains him. For example, the dog is “Everybody’s Darling” in a large family, and he benefits from everything and everyone. It’s perfect when the dog is loved and spoiled by many. The dog is never or hardly alone and always has someone around. This is very important for the four-legged friend as a pack animal! There we have it! If you share a dog, it is hardly alone! Very good! So dog sharing is not that bad.

The dog is like the grandchild of grandma. However, this statement is not to be blamed for the lovely grannies out there! Rather it is meant as a compliment. Because Omis spoil their grandchildren wherever possible, so it should be with the shared dog. Nothing should be missing, neither a beautiful place to sleep, a few snacks for in between, varied meals, but above all affection and love!

Contra dog sharing

Clear rules

Dog sharing is about more than the dog living in an extended family. Clear rules are fundamental and should be set from the start. The welfare of the dog should always come first! If two people share a dog, there can still be problems and difficulties. Education, nutrition, and sound money ever play a role. And the motto is not valid, so no dog is not responsible. Clear rules should be the basis because it makes no sense if the dog is allowed on the couch and in bed in one household and not in the other. But will one ever agree on this point?


The dog needs a caregiver! The dog doesn’t care about changing places to eat, sleep, or walk, but what is important is his caregiver. Dogs usually turn more to one person than the other. The most important thing then is that the person comes back! With changing owners or mistresses, the dog may turn away from both or suddenly the caregiver changes, which in turn can lead to envy between people. But especially for dogs with separation anxiety, dog sharing is not recommended!

If you have a dog at home and don’t have time for him, you have to come up with something. From daycare to parents, neighbours, or friends. You get creative. If you don’t have a dog, you don’t have this problem either. However, if you want one, you should think carefully about what happens to the dog while you are away for 8, 9, or 10 hours. A dog is not a toy that you put in the corner when you no longer want it. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether you can forego your wish or whether you can find an excellent solution for everyone involved and live the principle of dog sharing.

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