Introducing New Fish to Your Aquarium

Before you decide to populate your aquarium or add some more fish to your present population, it would be wise to check the compatibility of your newcomers with the present ones. This means the following two things; you need to consider the kind of environment the fish you’re going to buy require and the compatibility of the species you want to merge with your existing stock.

For example, if the species of fish you already possess are freshwater fish and the ones you want to buy are saltwater ones, then you need to buy a new tank because the saltwater fish won’t be able to adapt and they will die. Likewise, with tropical species, the pH of the water is a fundamental characteristic you need to consider. A wrong pH can make certain types of tropical fish lose their colour, become sluggish and eventually die. In some severe cases, they can get pH burns, and most will then go on to die of the complications caused by incorrect pH.

When going to a pet shop to get a new species of fish, you should always try to find out if the stock you already have in your aquarium is going to get along with the new introductions. Most good pet stores or aquatic shops will have informed staff that can advise on the suitability of the livestock they are offering for sale. Even if no one can tell you that for sure, there are some definite rules you may want to take into consideration. For example, saltwater fish require much more maintenance and care than cold water or tropical fish. Also, note that even fish with very similar characteristics and habits can more often than not be more aggressive toward each other than different species since they’ll be competing on the same territories for the same food source. As a general rule, fish that have a largemouth in comparison to their body and visible sharp teeth will usually eat other fish as their primary food source.

Even with fish that should be compatible with your aquarium keep an eye on them after you get them home, watch the way they interact for a while so you can spot any sign of fighting as soon as possible. You may look for torn or missing fins and the usual submissive behaviour from the smaller weaker inhabitants of your tank. Bad signs are fish that stay close to the surface with their body laying over to one side, or gasping at the water’s surface. If the initial signs are not dangerous, after a while, the hierarchy will be established, and things will calm down amongst your new and old pets.

A way to make your tank a more appropriate place for different species of fish is to add many hiding places so that territories will be easier to mark and the less aggressive fish will have a place to hide. Also, buy more of the same species if the new fish are less aggressive than the old ones, and you will find that they will shoal together for protection. The more aggressive species will chase one or two but will be more inclined to leave a group alone.

One of the essential pieces of advice is that you should consider the compatibility of species when purchasing new stock, and don’t just make your choice based on the way fish look. If your only aim is for pretty looking fish, you may be disappointed when different species always fight and disturb the tranquillity of your aquarium.

As long as you care for your Pets correctly, they will reward you with years of enjoyment and affection. Pet care is most famous for any animal you decide to purchase as you would not want them to end up in a Pet Rescue Shelter if you can no longer look after them properly.

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