What is your ideal pet based on how you live your life?


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What do you usually do to relax?

What is your ideal pet based on how you live your life?

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What is your ideal pet based on how you live your life?
Live your best life with a dog companion

Live your best life with a dog companion. You’re active and energetic and you love nature and spending time outdoors. You have an extrovert, sociable and positive personality. All these are traits that you share with man’s best friend: the dog. Your active lifestyle allows you to quit personal comfort and take your furry friend on long walks in the park even in bad weather. Besides, you know the sacrifice is worth it every time you look into your dog’s eyes. Dogs require a lot of resources, from daily walks to obedience training, and they can really help make you more responsible. If you think you can give it a hefty dose of daily attention, a dog as a pet is the perfect choice for you.
Your life would be better with a cat in it

Your life would be better with a cat in it. You’re a fairly busy person, and when you finally get home, you prefer to relax in front of the TV or read a good book over going for a walk. You’re a curious introvert and, just like a cat, you like to be spoiled and pampered from time to time. Cats are your perfect pet because, when you’re finally home after a long day, you can have someone twirling between your feet, showing affection and saying hello. At the same time, cats are independent animals and they don’t really mind being alone for a long time, as long as they receive enough attention when you’re home. Cats are the perfect pet for dreamy, romantic people wo prefer to relax indoors: they purr in your lap while you’re watching a movie, they sleep peacefully on you when you’re working and they can playfully wake you up in the morning. You get a friend without having to leave the comfort of your home.
A small pet will brighten up your life

A small pet will brighten up your life. You shouldn’t think about getting a big pet, because it wouldn’t fit your lifestyle. On the contrary, you should look to tiny animals like hamsters, ferrets, lizards or even a parrot. You should take into account that these animals need some freedom, so they should be left out of their habitats periodically. This might be tricky, since small creatures tend to chew through cables, wallpaper and furniture legs, so they need the attention while they’re out of their homes. Small lizards and birds don’t really need attention, especially if they have a mate. Parrots get easily attached of their human, but they should be a well thought –out decision. Since they have a life span of 20+ years, getting one as a pet might just well be a lifelong commitment.
Fit a fish tank into your stressful life

Fit a fish tank into your stressful life. You’re always on the road and you lead a busy, stressful life, but you still feel like having someone to wait for you when you come home. Half décor and half pets, a fish tank is very low-maintenance. Besides feeding them and changing their tank water once in a while, you don’t really have to interact with the fishes and, with the proper care, they’ll be alert and vibrant-colored and ready to soothe your soul. Watching a fish tank can help relieve stress; moreover, fish don’t require a lot of cleaning up after and, once they understand you’re the one giving them food, they’ll boop their noses against the window whenever you’re close by.

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