What Are a Pet Rabbits Basic Needs

What Are a Pet Rabbits Basic Needs?

Rabbits are usually needier than you would think. Most people consider them easy pets for beginners, families, and children. However, the fact is, you most certainly need to be more than ready to accept one... Read more
Which Pet Turtles Stay Small

Which Pet Turtles Stay Small?

Having a pet turtle is brilliant. There are few pets like turtles. However, many people do not have a lot of room for huge pets, leaving them to wonder, which pet turtles stay small? Some... Read more
Can You Keep A Centipede As A Pet

Can You Keep A Centipede As A Pet?

There are a lot of exotic insects that people keep as pets. Many people want to know about exotic pets, and one of them is the centipede. Can you keep a centipede as a pet?... Read more
Can You Play With Your Pet Rabbit

Can You Play With Your Pet Rabbit?

Let’s get straight to the point, yes, you can play with your pet rabbit. However, that doesn’t mean that you should pick them up all the time. They are not animals that like to be... Read more
Do People Have Silkworms As Pets

Do People Have Silkworms As Pets?

The East, mainly China, became extremely well known for their silk in ancient times. They farmed silkworms with such skill that there is hardly any other places in the world that can do it as... Read more
Why Your Pet Rabbit Can't Move Its Back Legs

Why Your Pet Rabbit Can’t Move Its Back Legs

If you have noticed that your pet rabbit can’t move its back legs, it is likely to be either hind limb paralysis (complete inability to move its legs) or paresis (partial movement). First of all,... Read more
Will A Pet Snake Keep Mice Away

Will A Pet Snake Keep Mice Away?

Unfortunately, there are many people in the world that face infestations and issues with mice in their home when they don’t want them there. One of the seemingly popular ways to deal with these infestations... Read more
What Pet Tortoise Stays Small

What Pet Tortoise Stays Small?

Let’s face it, there is a huge allure to the tortoise species, and keeping one as a pet. However, when you think of tortoise, you often think of something large, heavy, and pretty difficult to... Read more
How Many Pet Ferrets Are In The World

How Many Pet Ferrets Are In The World?

Pet ferrets are becoming more popular as time goes on. Whether it is just curiosity, or if you are doing research on the topic, you may want to know how many pet ferrets there are... Read more
Which Pet Fish Can Live Together

Which Pet Fish Can Live Together?

Whether you already have fish and want to add to your collection, or if you are looking to start an aquarium, only having one species of fish may not be your ideal setup. Many people... Read more
Are Pet Tarantulas Poisonous

Are Pet Tarantulas Poisonous?

There are a lot of people who are intrigued by spiders of all kinds. When it comes to keeping spiders as pets, one of the most popular species is the tarantula. However, there is a... Read more
Can Pet Rats Get COVID

Can Pet Rats Get COVID?

So you have finally been allowed to go and see relatives. However, it is unlikely that you were going to take your pet rat with you, especially if you had to travel a long distance.... Read more