Pygmy Goat As A House Pet?

Goats are not the first animals that you think about when you think of domesticated pets. However, it may surprise you to find out that some people do actually keep them as house pets. But, can you, or should you, have a pygmy goat as a house pet? They will wear collars, and go for walks. There are even celebrities that own them as pets, too. Although, that doesn’t really answer the question, can you have a pygmy goat as a house pet?

They need a lot of room, and uncastrated males especially can, and will, cause a lot of damage to the home. They will chew at your… well, everything. Your sofa, bed, chairs, tables, books, anything that they can get their teeth into, they will chew. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be house pets if you really want them to be. Remember though, they will still need a considerable amount of time outdoors, with plenty of space to move about in. So a big garden and/or frequent walks are still necessary.

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