Preventing Pet Health Problems

If you are a cat person, a cat lover, a cat adorer, you might know some of the more common ways to prevent feline pet health problems. For example, you may have heard or read that though most cats like milk, it gives some diarrhoea; that cats must not live solely on tuna, for it lacks Taurine, an essential nutritional element required for good feline pet health; or that cats must never get human aspirin (unless the vet prescribes it) as for some cats, it can be fatal.

If you are a dog person, a dog lover, you might know some of the more common ways to prevent canine pet health problems. For example, you may have heard or read that dogs do not need vitamin C supplements, for they manufacture their own; that obesity is the biggest problem in house dogs (40-60% are overweight); that giving some garlic to your dog to help repel fleas is a myth; or that giving him/her too much will trigger a condition called Heinz Anemia.

If you are a pet lover, an animal lover, you might know that something like 60% of all pet owners never takes their animals to a vet. But if you have any domesticated animals, be they horses or birds, cats, dogs, or lizards, and are likely concerned about pet health, you should seek out real, credible information from licensed veterinarians. You can do this online, but if you want to change the statistics on humans who visit their animal doctors, you can also get materials at the vets’ offices when you take Shogun the Boa Constrictor for the vaccines and boosters that most pet health requires. Well, maybe snakes don’t need them? Okay, but cats and dogs do.

Pet Care = Unconditional Love

Sir Hugh Walpole, once said, “The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one’s relationship has a glowing depth, beauty, and joy as the year’s increase. Yes, you can show it in giving personal care, but you can show it in providing pet care, as well. And though a known 50% of pet owners do not give their pets enough pet care by taking them to a veterinarian, we can do home pet care by studying online about our beautiful creatures’ physical and physiological, psychological, and emotional well-being. Yes, emotional well-being. After all, where do you suppose that endless love on their part comes from?

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