Which Pet Turtles Stay Small?

Having a pet turtle is brilliant. There are few pets like turtles. However, many people do not have a lot of room for huge pets, leaving them to wonder, which pet turtles stay small? Some stay small, and others stay tiny, and I mean tiny. The smallest commercially available turtle is the Common Musk Turtle, growing to 2-4.5 inches. The Bog and Michigan Spotted turtle grow to around 3-4 inches, and the Reeve’s turtle to about 6 inches.

Looking after small turtles is amazingly easy; they only have small requirements for food, cleaning, or general healthcare. That makes them very affordable in all aspects. They will only need small homes, they do not create a lot of waste, so you won’t have to change the water or the filter as often, and of course, their food bill stays low, too. Having a small turtle is great for families who want an easy-to-look-after pet, especially those who do not have a lot of room!

Image by seabreezesmallengine from Pixabay

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