Are Hedgehogs Good Pets?

This is a question with much debate between campaigners and owners. Are hedgehogs good pets? If you are in the UK, you may have seen a few of them roaming around in the night, and you might have even left some cat food out for them to eat. The reality is, though, that the UK breed of a hedgehog is not a pet, they are wild animals and should remain as so. However, there are some breeds, such as the African pygmy hedgehog, that are more domesticated. The biggest problem, though, is that even domesticated breeds such as the African pygmy hedgehog, are not easy to keep.

Even though they are small, they need a lot of attention and a good set-up environment for them to live in. They are not the first animal you think of when you think of running pets, but they can and do run for a long time at night. That means that you need to have a wheel for them, and they will use it, maybe keeping you awake at night. Furthermore, they need temperature-controlled vivariums with enclosed areas inside for them to hide in. All in all, hedgehogs are not great as pets, and UK breeds should not be up for consideration. They are not easy to look after, so certainly not for beginners!

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