Pet Animal Basic Needs

As we know, the human has basic, intermediate, and advanced needs to sustain life, to maintain life, and to grow. For example, we need at the start, food, shelter, clothing, and some degree of comfort. We then need to be safe from danger, then a sense of belonging, a reciprocated love, and healthy self-esteem. The pet animal is not much different at these first three levels, then. The pet animal needs food, shelter, safety, and comfort (painlessness). And while it may be challenged by a few who see animals as different from humans, it has become apparent that the pet animal also needs a sense of belonging and love. At least the domesticated animal, the pet animal, does.

So it is safe to say that while the pet animal does not have the upper-level motivations that we humans have—the need for self-actualization, spiritual transcendence, and the need to know and understand—the pet animal does need and have the right to physical and emotional well-being. Healthy food, regular veterinary care, the appropriate shelter, regular exercise, training (if applicable), bonding time, and rules and rewards are as necessary to the domesticated animal as they are to the domesticated human.

Pet Dog Requirements

A pet dog needs almost as much care and attention and supplies as a child. A pet dog needs, in general, daily feeding and exercise, grooming, medical prevention and recognition, obedience and other domestic training, and lots of attention.

A pet dog also needs socialization, regulation, and protection: he or she needs to be involved with other living beings—not isolated or left alone for long periods while the humans go off to work and school for eight hours a day; he or she needs to know he/she is not the alpha in the family and cannot run the gamut without rules and consequences; he or she also needs rewards for the positive behaviours—for not running amok; and he or she needs medical check-ups, vitamins, immunizations, and identification (tags), to prevent illness and getting lost.

And a pet dog needs the right housing accommodations, appropriate treats, and some dog-friendly toys—to be able to fit in, to grow, and to grow healthy and be happy. So whichever size, shape, colour, personality, and breed you have your eyes on, check out some information on that particular pet dog, so you are ready to meet the requirements that come with having him or her for a long, long time.

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