What Pet Fish Don’t Need A Heater?

If you are a first-time fish owner or planning to be one, then you are probably wondering about the setup that you need for them. That can, and often does, lead you to think about what pet fish don’t need a heater. They are typically lower maintenance than tropical fish, and therefore, a lot easier to keep for the beginner fish keepers. Often called coldwater fish, they only need a very basic setup, such as a tank, filter, and pump.

Again, as a beginner, you will want some of the easier coldwater fish to look after. For example, the basic goldfish, a weather loach, or a fancy goldfish are your best options. However, try to keep your pets to one species when you start out. Remember, though, that even though coldwater fish are easier to look after, they will still have some requirements. For example, you will need a regular cleaning routine for the tank, and give them the right food, which can depend on what species they are.

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