High Tech Hen House Plans

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If you are planning on raising chickens, you must follow simple steps and guidelines. It is crucial to have good hen house plans to avoid unnecessary errors. You will surely want your chicken house to be if not perfect at least durable. It is recommended to consult an expert before doing anything. Your budget is also an important consideration. You may hire an expert if you have a bigger budget on this, but if you think that you don’t have enough knowledge and resources, you may search the internet for some latest plans. Here is a list of pointers to consider before building a chicken housing plan.

Choose where you will build the chicken house. Make sure the location passed the regulations in your area. You may not want your neighbors complaining of the noise and odor from your house. Find a situation where there are a pleasant climate and a bigger space. It is best to choose a place where it is not too hot or too cold. It is also essential to select a location that is not flooded, or you could make the building slightly elevated to prevent the coop in becoming flooded during heavy rainfall. Some even do landscaping depending on the type of soil of the area.

When you already have the right location, the next thing you need to do is to make a good blueprint for the house. Would you like it entirely closed or not. There is one example of a closed one wherein you will be fortunate to see a fly primarily because the chicken houses are wholly closed. Not one fly can get inside. And in fact, no flies can be seen outside because no ammonia emission attracts them.

Blueprints of the chicken house must have exact measurements. Take your time in making the blueprint to avoid wastage in materials, money, and effort. The factors in making a blueprint are the total number of chickens; the materials that will be used; the gadget that will be put inside such as the nests, roosts water and feeder; elevation, rows and floors, and windows that suit your chicken needs and your budget. You have to know also if it would be attached with the chicken run and fence.

Next, consider what system will be used for the feeding and water drinking of the chickens. There are lots of high tech feeder and waterer system. One example is that the feeds are placed in a little adjacent structure and are transmitted to feeders by a mechanism run by the computer. When the feeds in the feeder are consumed, the sensor will tell the device to distribute the feeds. There is no wastage in this kind of feed system. A computerized system does a lot in the operation of the farm. This is good if you are planning to raise hundreds of chickens for business purposes.

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