Having GoldFish as Pet

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Care for goldfish

Goldfish is one of the most preferred breeds amongst various ornamental fishes. Goldfishes are popular not only for their beauty but also because they require low maintenance. The incredible fact that goldfish can live up to fifty years provided the environment is suitable.

Clean aquarium

Goldfish require a lot of space. A giant aquarium is mostly preferred. About 10 gallons of water would allow the goldfish to live for years and years together. The environment is an important factor deciding the size of the fish. Larger surface helps goldfish to get a sufficient amount of oxygen which promotes a healthy and longer life. You will require changing the tank water quite a few times in a week. The goldfish waste would increase the amount of nitrogen in the water. Thus, evolving tank water is a must. To bring the condition under control, it is very much necessary to remove about 20 percent to 50 percent of the water from the tank for about two to three times a week. After removing this water, replace it with fresh water to your aquarium containing goldfish. Thus, it is very much important ensuring the aquarium water is dechlorinated.

Goldfish food

Goldfish eat both plants as well as animals. You can feed them up with frozen foodstuffs or some specific foodstuffs for goldfish. Before feeding frozen foods, ensure that they are thawed. Generally, goldfishes tend to eat loads. Hence, keeping a check on the quality of the foodstuff is very much crucial for the healthy being of your goldfish. Overfeeding goldfish could be fatal. Excess of food that is not consumed by the fish would usually get settled at the bottom of the tank. Thus, this excessive foodstuff will get decomposed and spoil the entire environment of the tank. This could cause various diseases to goldfish. If the fish happens to eat more, it will produce more amount of waste. This would increase the number of times for changing the tank water.

Decorating your tank with care

While decorating the aquarium for your goldfish, avoid using sharp ended objects. Sometimes, the fish tries hiding when it senses danger. If there are any sharp completed objects, chances are it might get hurt or even killed. For survival, goldfish require near about temperature of 18 ° C to 20 ° C. if the temperature happens to increase, the level of oxygen in the aquarium will decline. This would, in turn, damage the vital organs of the fish and cause death too. Thus, it very much essential to adjust the temperature levels accurately. Temperature fluctuation could be avoided by placing the aquarium near a door or a window. The tank would also require filtration. Three types of filtrations are available, performing biological, chemical, and mechanical filtrations. For every function, different filtration would be required to use. An automatic filter would help cleaning the water, and the biological one would help to bring down the water level, whereas the chemical filter would keep a regular check on the ammonia and nitrate levels in the water. This would prevent any disease from attacking your goldfish.

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