Holistic Dog Care

Holistic dog care

Holistic health systems are based on dealing with a complete system rather than focusing on the analysis of fragmented parts. Holistic dog care follows the same basic principles, and the health of your dog is monitored as a whole, not based on single illnesses or conditions. Getting your dog in top-notch form implies treating the whole body, not just a separate and individual problem. Holistic dog care is also based on the idea that the pet’s immune system can work on its own and prevent the animal from infections and diseases. However, for the immune system to work flawlessly, the organism needs to receive the proper nutrients.

Holistic treatment for your pet

Traditional veterinary practices are based on the prescription and administration of antibiotics, and artificially created drugs to stop an infection or cure a disease. However, these are foreign elements introduced in the pet’s body and, as the holistic dog care system implies, they are negative ones. While they might work and solve the problem on the spot, they could also have a series of adverse side effects in the future. The immune system, bombarded with steroids and antibiotics, is unable to develop and grow in strength, so it will always need the extra, and artificial, help, to fight against the infection.

Suppressive dog therapy

Vaccination and allergy shots, as well as other artificially created treatments, keep your dog under a constant state of “slight illness.” This artificial way of staying healthy has a big problem: it weakens and wears off the immune system. Of course, some vaccination forms are necessary, but repeated treatment may lead to undesired effects. This is especially true for puppies, who are often over-vaccinated by owners and vets in an attempt to prevent diseases from forming.

Diet and holistic dog care

As the strength of the immune system is strengthened by the nutrients absorbed and processed by the body, a holistic diet is essential. As part of the holistic dog care treatment, you should try to feed your dog freshly cooked meats, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables. Preparing a fresh meal for your dog is not time-consuming and probably as expensive as buying canned dog food. Holistic dog care methods have been proven by many pet owners who decided to choose a more natural life for their companions. Holistic dog care shouldn’t be regarded as a complete replacement of traditional veterinary practices. However, it can prove to be a great addition, and it will surely improve the quality of your pet’s life.

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