The Green Iguana

If you want to learn more about the green iguana, you have come to the right place. If you own one, then you may think you know everything about them, but a significant majority of iguana owners have misconceptions about them.

If you do not understand the iguana correctly, then you may be harming, or damaging your iguana. One example of people getting it wrong when it comes to iguanas is continually feeding it lettuce. Yes, an iguana can eat salad and it will not harm it, but, if you continue to feed it a food like lettuce with very little nutritional value then realize it too late, when you give it other food’s It will still want and eat the salad because it is used to it, they prefer stability and of course are unlike us, they do not realize when something is not suitable for them.

To treat your green iguana correctly, and take correct care of it, you should make sure the vegetables you feed it are of exceptionally high nutritional value, unlike the lettuce, turnip greens and mustard greens both include this.

If you have an iguana or are looking to get one, please make sure to get a suitable size cage. You may be told that the smaller you get your cage, the smaller your iguana will grow. I am not exactly sure where this came from, but it is entirely not accurate and harmful to your iguana. Would you like to be put in a cage just more prominent than your height? A fully grown, well looked after, the iguana will grow up to 6 feet long. A small cage with a 6-foot iguana will, of course, ruin your iguana’s life and make you an impoverished owner.

To look after your pet, as I stated above, you need to feed your iguana correctly. Due to the metabolism of a green iguana, they are best matched with a diet of a herbivore. If you feed them insects, it can cause your iguana to get gout and kidney problems. Do not believe people when they say you should give iguana insects, even if you like watching them eat them!

Please be careful with your green iguana, and be sure to look after them correctly. If you feel you can no longer look after them, I am sure plenty of other people would love to have your green iguana.

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