Rescuing Rescued Greyhounds

I placed my second order last night for your Supreme-V, this time for the complete system. I have three adopted greyhounds, all of whom previously had major dietary problems. Isaac is my oldest and, admittedly, king of the household. I took him nine years ago after he had survived the double whammy of having been a former racer. When he could not produce on the track, he was sold to Purina as a caged laboratory dog on which they conducted nutrition experiments for a year.

By the time he came to me, he was fearful, had the teeth of a dog three times his age, had reeky breath, and had continual problems with whatever food I tried at the time. I went through all the so-called all-natural premium brands and several versions of home cooking, all of which proved inadequate. He would pick at his food, eat for two or three days, and invariably come down with “the gurgles,” a sign of loose stools and inability to eat for the next day or two. I just assumed that was the best I could hope for.

I came across information on your company on Earl Wolf’s excellent website. It sounded too good to hope for, but I placed my first order in March. The first thing I noticed myself was the most intoxicating, enticing smell! It reminded me of sherry-drenched holiday fruitcake, and I must admit I was tempted to try it (and probably would have if I weren’t a vegan!) When I put it out for all three of my guys, my formerly finicky trio charged for their bowls.

What can I say? The transformation has been a miracle. Isaac has eaten every single kibble from that meal on. If one falls away from his bowl and gets lodged in unattainable places, he will paw and wiggle until he’s captured each one. The gurgles are history. So are the loose stools. He no longer has accordion ribs, and when I took him to the vet yesterday, he told me that the turnaround in his condition was unbelievable.

The changes in Zoe and Moses are not quite as dramatic, but only because they are younger, and their former problems aren’t as severe. But Moses, too, had very loose stools no matter what he ate, and his digestive system was infrequent distress. Overnight the change began, and within a week, for the first time in the year that he had lived with me, he was going as a dog should and has not had one recurrence since then.

He eats with such a relish that feeding him has become the most fun part of my day. Zoe is my little omnivore. She’ll eat anything and everything and somehow avoided the worst of the problems my other two encountered, but she didn’t look at her peak. She goes utterly euphoric over her dinner and leaps with all four paws off the ground whenever she sees the bowl coming. People on the street always stop to compliment all three of them, and I invariably give credit to their diet.

When I placed my new order last night, I upgraded to the complete system. I can hardly wait to see what improvements this will bring about. I also have three cats that I am about to introduce to your feline formula. I didn’t know until yesterday that you had a cat version. I am most anxious to see the results this will produce on them.

I can’t thank you enough for restoring my precious housemates to me and for adding so much to the quality of all of our lives.

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