Approach with a small dog car

Happy little dog means the car:

Some dogs are naturally inclined to go by car, such as most of the German shepherd, and the dog that has a relationship, and the dog’s personality, experience also has a relationship. Of course, some dogs naturally do not like the car; if your dog does not like the unfortunate vehicle, you can use this approach to training in it: every time the car before placing in the car and some tasty snacks clean drinking water, or put it on the favorite little toy car seat. This dog can ride and better link the feeling of happiness, the establishment of a conditioned reflex, as time passes, it will naturally love the car. Of course, do not forget the snacks before driving a good income.

A small way to protect the seat:

Mercedes-Benz or BMW either, car seats are designed to serve people, the full leather adjustable seat is very comfortable to sit rhythmically, but not the dog’s feelings. Dog in the car will be excited to the gilded tongue, saliva flow to the seat, plus the time it is continuously agitated scratching, and then the position will be damaged fruit. This time, you can spread a few newspapers in the chair, or make a small chair cover, though simple, useful protection seats, car, and dog-proof you do not try.

Little way to ensure traffic safety:

We are a car at high speed, you can wear seat belts to protect themselves, but this is not so that seat belts for dogs, and once the brakes, the dog will be the same as artillery shells crashed into the body, hazardous. You can put into the dog box to solve this problem in dogs, dog boxes, small size, tight clinging to the dog’s body, such as workers, wearing helmets, in an emergency brake, the dogs can guarantee that your dog box damage minimized. Meanwhile, the dog box can also ensure the dog will not interfere with the driver in the process of driving traffic to avoid danger.

To deal with barking dog small ways:

Some dogs barking like a chair, some dogs determined to do the street singer, singing in the car screaming, endless. For the barking dog, you can use a harmless liquid spraying bitter seats, while in the car put a favorite toy to distract the dog its attention.

A radical approach to deal with the small dog:

No film for car windows, direct sunlight will make the car the dog restless at the same time; the summer sunshine also makes the rapid rise of temperature inside the vehicle, which for the dog’s health and traffic safety are very harmful. The solution is simple, posted a shade in the window like a paste, or stick to the window of a sunscreen film.

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