How To Handle Your Adult Iguana

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Having an adult iguana as a pet can be a lot of fun, but there are certain things that you need to be aware of in their care. As they get older, their personalities and habits will change, and to be able to handle them properly, you will need to adapt to new handling techniques.

You will notice that when you were handling your iguana as a baby, they tended to squirm around a lot and could be challenging to handle. An adult iguana can be difficult, but for different reasons. As an adult, they tend to hold onto things a little tighter and therefore, you will have to pry them away from whatever they are anchored onto before you get them in your hands.

This may sound a little easier than it is because you have to be able to get their claws out of whatever it is that they are holding onto and do it in a fashion that you will not hurt them. You will also have to do it quick enough that they are not able to sink their claws back into what they are holding onto. It will take some practice to be able to get your iguana off its perch.

To be able to do this properly, you should use both hands and work the iguana’s front and back claws loose at the same time. As you loosen its grip, get your fingers up underneath its legs to support it and remove it from the perch. Again, this is going to take some practice, but you will get used to the technique and will eventually be able to pick them up quickly and smoothly without hurting your iguana or hurting yourself on the iguana’s claws.

If you have a reasonably calm adult iguana, the handling from this point will be relatively easy. You can keep your first hands holding the iguana under the legs and use your fingers as a type of vice to control the animal. Put one leg between your pinkie and ring finger and the other one between your index finger and middle finger and use the between thumb and ring finger as a type of support for the animal. If the iguana is calm, he will remain still, and you can pretty much go wherever you want with him in this fashion.

The handling procedure for an adult iguana that is more active is pretty much the same except that you are going to want to use your body a little more as a way to control the iguana. You will pick him up and hold him the same way except that you will want to keep the adult iguana close to your body as a form of control. You are going to have to be a little more careful with an active iguana, and if you are not holding them correctly, both you and your iguana can end up getting hurt.

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