Macho, Macho Mutts

Who doesn’t love eBay? I know I do. They say you can find anything there, anything at all. So I’d test that theory by searching for new garb for doggies. And, you know what? They are correct because I found a great site that has an astounding collection of very cool shirts that I haven’t seen on any of the dozens of dog clothing websites I visit every week. Macho Mutts is an eBay Store that specializes in clothing for fierce boy dogs, like my Murphy Man. Not only are all of their fantastic designs boy-centric, but so are the shirts themselves, specially V-cut underneath to accommodate, um, boy potty parts.

Their collection is divided into categories for easy navigating, but make sure to check out the “Other Shirts” section for their newest arrivals. I discovered that although the Beer and Liquor section features Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, and Corona beer shirts, the Other Shirts section boasts shirts decorated with many other alcoholic beverage labels, including Budweiser, Heineken, and Jim Beam (my family favorite). Likewise, with the Motorcycle section. Many more Harley Davidson, West Coast Choppers, and Orange County Choppers shirts were found in the Other category as well. And as with any eBay store, their stock is continually changing, so check back often for the best selection. For the lady killers out there, you must check out their Sexy category, featuring shirts with the Playboy bunny logo, the classic trucker mudflap girl, and even shirts with the infamous Hooters owl design. Very classy, indeed.

My favorite designs have to be the “bad boy” Red Devil face and the “bad to the bone” skull and crossbones, which are perfect for my little devil dog.

So, no matter what kind of macho mutt you may have, motorcycle hound, trucker pup, booze pooch, or lady-lovin’ stud, this eBay store is bound to have the perfect shirt to fit his style. Finally, a doggie apparel boutique just for the boys!

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