Full Name: Greyhound

Type: large dog

Alias: Ge Leiyi hound

Height :68-71 cm

English name: Greyhound

Origin: Italy

weight:27-31 kg

Hair length: short hair

Function: as the hound


Greyhound is the best dog of all dog breeds in the fastest, running 69 kilometres per hour. The dogs like to chase things all sports, whether it is the field, prey in the desert or the machine rabbits on the runway. Greyhound companion dogs life easy laid-back, Greyhound out of the race remained a strong instinct to chase moving objects.


Originated about 500 years B.C., the era of the Pharaohs Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean region, the Middle Ages extended to southern Europe. In Pompeii? Remains have been found in the bones of this dog, in the ancient Egyptian coffin, have found a similar image of the dog mummy. Greyhound and Italian Greyhound small species, widespread in medieval Europe, especially the noble people who love, and appreciation for the dogs to be kept. Usually on the crest of the picture are using Greyhound, France and the U.K. royal family’s crest of Henry VIII can be found on the Greyhound’s image. Greyhound to play its excellent speed, even if the hunt hares and other small animals, and never will be mistakes. Greyhound dog breed for the old one. Is a purebred dog, unchanged form since ancient times. First to be trained to use visual tracking prey hunting dog, is the world’s fastest dog foot range, speed of 64 km per hour. However, the prototype of this dog is not refined, but also suitable for the family dog. Origin in the Middle East, and later the Persian merchant arrived in Europe, and small species of Greyhound dogs Italian Greyhound, famous in medieval Europe, especially the noble people who love, and appreciation for the dogs to be kept. Usually used on the head crest Greyhounds are dogs, the French and the British royal crest of Henry VIII Greyhound dogs can be found on the image. Greyhound dogs can play its excellent speed, even if the hunt hares and other small animals, and never will be mistakes. Since ancient times, the hare is the Greyhound dog chasing rivals, is now replaced by artificial machinery to train a rabbit, let it be pursuing activities.


Nerve sensitive and sentimental, with the rules, love children. Greyhound dogs are the best family dogs, but also as a show dog, but dog breeders in the diet management and exercise must be especially hard.

General appearance

Physically durable, standing firm, muscular, structural symmetry, length of head and neck, chest-deep, large body, arched back, stiff limbs, legs and feet durable, easy to bend the arms.


Perseverance and patience knew. Wise, gentle, friendly, good-natured.

Head: Long, medium width.

Forehead Department (cranial region)

Forehead (skull) Flat. Infraorbital ridge (stop) Fine. Long and narrow, fairly broad between the ears, depression is rare, little or no sinus, kiss Minister moderate, strong but not rough. Teeth are strong and neat. Ears – small, good texture, in addition to not fully erect when excited, the ears droop and close. Eyes – black, bright, intelligent, perspective alive.

Facial (facial region)

Mouth (muzzle) Jaws robust and clean cut. Jaw/teeth Strong jaw, complete as scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth cover the lower teeth and jaw tightly into a square: eyes Bright, bright, an oval, tilted eye. Ears Ear small, into a rose shape, texture good.

Cervical (neck)

Long and muscular, slightly arched, gradually widening to shoulders.

Somatic (body)

Dorsal (back) A long, broad, square. Waist (lions) Strong, arched. Thoracic (chest) Deep, wide. Ribs long, flexible, ribs stretch well.


The root of the tail is shallow, tail length, set on thick, tapering toward the tip of the tail, tail slightly curled.


Forelimbs (forequarters) Forelimb length, straight, healthy bones. Elbow, palm and toes neither varus nor valgus. Shoulder Tilt, position appropriate, muscular, not loaded, narrow. Elbow Flexible and perfect phase with the shoulder. Palm (pasterns) Medium length, slightly elastic. Fully erect, neither outward nor inward bend, the department is very robust. Hind limbs (hindquarters) Long, well-developed muscles and healthy, broad and natural floor, legs bent right knee. Hocks well bent and very close to the ground, wide but the front and back of the straightening. Legs (thighs) Wide, muscular, sturdy. Knees (stifles) Bending angle well. Tarsal joints (hocks) Neither in nor out. Foot (feet) Medium length, compact, well-developed toe joints, the Ottomans developed.

Gait (gait/movement)

Straight, big stride. The hind body can make a significant driving force for gait pediment.


Hair Smooth, close to the skin, delicate, dense. Coat colour (colour) coat colour is black, white, red, blue, brown, light brown, with stripes, or any of these coat with white spots.


Ideal male body height 71-76cm. Female 68-71cm.


And the deviations above account for the defects, the extent depending on the length of the variation. Any indication of significant physical or behavioural abnormalities in dogs should be eliminated.


There are two distinct male dogs hanging scrotum testicles entirely.

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