The new Powerpets is up!

The new Powerpets is now up- with brand new design and all of the old servers now redirect to the primary domain of – with new layout, brings many changes… Here are some of the comments posted by their users:

I wish I could give a thumbs up, but I’m disappointed with the new membership thing. I would WAY rather have ads than have to pay for something that we used to be able to get. I don’t know how appealing this will be to me anymore. I love you guys for giving me a great three years on the site, but some of these changes are not something I’m happy with. Hopefully, I’ll be able to adjust, but I know that I spent SO much time on the discussion board reading over everyone’s ideas, and now I can’t do that. :/

The site looks beautiful, and I can understand why you did things the way you did them. I guess just after five years here, I’m a little disappointed in the membership. I really won’t be able to afford that per month to continue accessing the boards I did before and fear I’ll lose a lot of the friends I have here because of it. I sort of feel like I’ve been told that the few credits I was able to buy to access what was essential to me just weren’t good enough.

While I like most of the changes, I do have a problem with the membership charges. I had already paid in for over three months on the Poco21 board and the animated avatars, but now I’m going to have to pay in 50 credits for access for a month? That doesn’t seem fair to me. I might be willing to pay a little more for access, but going from 3 credits a month for Poco21 to 50 is excessive.

Superb graphics look fabulous. Good work. What I don’t understand is this, though: ‘Members Only Server Access – The ultimate benefit. Members are allowed to log in to member’s only servers. These servers have limited access and are expanded as more members join up. Your access is faster than it is on the Public Servers.’ — So, if you are a person that can’t donate $5 a month (or $60 annually), you must stay on the public server. And not the faster member server. Does this affect restocking? For me, restocking is what has kept me on PP so long and kept me dedicated. It sounds like members have an advantage over nonmembers at making PBS since they’ll be on the faster server, thus having a quicker restock time, thus creating more PBS, which doesn’t sound very fair. However, I might be misanalyzing it – hope I’m wrong

Those are just four comments posted by their users – and if you’d like to read more, then check out their latest post announcing the new Powerpets, which can be located at their Small updates.

So, the question remains – do you guys like the new Powerpets, or do you hate it? Tell us why.

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