Creating a virtual pet site and succeeding

Creating a virtual pet site and succeeding. Many pet site owners want the best out of their virtual pet site, but they don’t know how to make it large. So, how can we make it significant? Well, many new pet site owners try to get into the business to make money; however, you won’t make money right away. You need the right amount of features, content, and various virtual pets for the users to adopt. If you start with 15 virtual pets for the users to choose – with customization from paintbrushes to costumes, then the users will love your pet site. They want to customize their virtual pets, play with them, feed them, and breed them.

So, what’s the next step after the pet features are completed? Well, users need things to do. So if you have a ton of food items for the users, then create a food quest that asks the users for every single food item in your items’ database, but if the food item is retired, then make sure the journeys don’t ask for it. Another good quest game would be a quest that rewards users with items from the NPC character (you can only obtain these items from this quest) and continue from there. Make things very unique, rare, and very high in rarity.

Games: Users want to see a various selection of games. If you can’t afford flash games, then create PHP games from “random,” “Guess the number,” “raffle,” “lottery,” and “quests.” These features will keep the users playing, especially the quests game. If you want to limit the quests, then make sure you also have another function for the users to do while the quests are timed or ten times per day quests… If you can get sponsors to create flash games for your pet site, then so be it. Neopets did it, so why can’t you? Try to establish your website has an excellent virtual pet site – with a remarkable economy for the users to make money. If the users can’t make money, then they won’t play.

Don’t promise. If you know you’re having trouble creating a new feature or can’t fix a specific bug, then don’t guarantee your users that new games will be out soon – or flaws will be corrected. Fake promises are a huge turn off to your users, and if you lie, then your veteran members will most likely leave. If you’re a lazy owner, then your staff members will be lazy too and not try just like yourself. You need to be very dedicated to your pet site if you hope to succeed. The highest pet sites weren’t created in one day, not even one year. But it has taken them a few years to take off.

Art: If you’re trying to attract all age groups, then create art for the kids, adults, and teenagers. Most teenagers tend to like “bloody” images or other types of art. While the kids love cutesy photos. Marapets is a prime example of a cutesy virtual pet site and looks at them now, and they continue to grow even though everyone says their art is ugly. Adults seem to fall into the same category of the kids because they like cutesy as well (at least that’s what we think). Just because your pet site has excellent art, that doesn’t mean you’ll succeed, and you need the features to back up the artwork.

Social networking: Do you want your pet site to have a great community? Well, what better way to do it with social networking. These features include blogs, messaging, forums, profiles (with comments), friends list. Social networking is a massive feature for any virtual pet site, and without it, you won’t succeed. Your users want to interact with each other, and if they can’t, they’ll leave. If you don’t know what social networking is, then check out myspace for an example. They’re the most important social networking site on the web today.

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