Marapets lacking new news?

Has anyone else noticed that Marapets has lacked new news as of late? What gives? Is Marapets’ staff members working behind the scenes to create even new features for us to play – or are they not doing anything? It seems to us that their servers were down last week – from the alert servers to the database servers. Shops were down for a few hours, and alerts have just come back. Their trick or treating feature is still going on and hasn’t been retired yet; what’s going on?

Is Marapets slacking – or do you think they’re working on something huge that we all don’t know about? Maybe they’re just working on new dress up games – which aren’t favored by the users that much. We’re not sure, but more than likely, a new news post will probably be about new dress up games – or the original mission that was supposed to be released a while ago.

So, why do you guys think Marapets is slacking?

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