A domain squatter now owns Boopets

Back in December, reports started circulating on VPL on what was going on with boopets, and now it seems like that a domain squatter now owns the domain. So, with this being said, Paul more than likely forgot to renew his domain and ended up losing it to a domain squatter. Which, isn’t surprising to me because the site was having problems loading for me on google chrome and firefox, but when I told Paul about it, he’d say, “Well, the game loads just fine for me.” I wonder how many other users were having the same problems that I was having too.

However, we’re not too sure how a domain squatter owner would want this domain to begin with because Boopets wasn’t receiving a ton of traffic daily, and during peak hours, there would only be 5-15 users online. This is not very pleasant because, just last year, I wrote a very in-depth and quality guide on how boopets can grow its user base, and to my knowledge, my advice was taken with a grain of salt.

This sucks because Boopets had a lot of potentials, considering that it had quite a bit of thing to do, a sound restocks system, a good rarity system, and an easy to work with the economy. However, things kept getting pushed back and not released. For example, the battle arena was supposed to come out like a year or two ago, but it never did. Boo had some weapons available for sale in the leading shops, but these items were useless.

Before Boopets going downhill, there was a new layout being developed that was a lot better than their old design(this was up before they went down). To me, this layout could have helped Boo grow a lot faster and expand because it was lightweight and more comfortable to navigate than their current design.

I was their content manager for quite some time, so I helped develop a lot of their modern features, and I helped build their restock system. However, some items weren’t based upon my rarity system after I left. But, this is perfectly fine because I didn’t expect their new staff members to keep this system in place.

When I left, Paul managed to find a new content manager in BloodyMary, who actually worked very hard on Boopets and even paid some of their staff members out of her own pockets because Paul wasn’t able to do so for some reason. When Kami and I were owed money for all of the work that we did on Boopets, Paul never paid us, but BM did, which was quite cool because she didn’t have to do that.

Boopets had two potential buyers. Before Boopets went down back in December, Organic and Judda both tried to contact Paul about selling his game. However, he wanted $2k-$3k for Boopets when the game was only worth $1k-$1,500. You can’t price a game so high when there’s a lack of revenue coming in every month. I’m not too sure how Paul was coming up with his sales price, but it was absurd, and now Boopets is no longer around, which is a damn shame because it could still be online today if Paul just decided to sell it and move on. He claimed that Boo was his baby, but if was this the case, then why did he refuse to work on it and make other staff members pay for things?

Now that Boopets is no longer an active pet site, how do you feel about this? Were you an active member of Boopets or not really?

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