Marapets is the second biggest pet site

With Neopets being one of the largest pet sites – with over 60,000 users online during peak hours – it’s no wonder why more users are moving on over to Marapets. Not only is Marapets a lot smaller – with over 2,500,000 users – it’s the number 1 competitor to Neopets. Not only does Marapets have unique features that Neopets has yet to release – like their dress up games – which is sort of like Gaia’s online idea by dressing up your character and making it look nice so that you can show it off to everyone. Marapets is one of the largest competitors to Neopets so far – and if they keep it up – especially with content, they can easily surpass Neopets in the future.

But, we’re wrong; Neopets has been around since 1999, and to beat a monster like Neopets, you have to beat them at their own game. Neopets has a ton of features, flash games, and things to do – where Marapets is lacking in the flash games department but makes up for it in the dress up games department.

If Marapets is to surpass Neopets in the future, how do you think they can beat them? Will they have to release new flash games and launch a massive advertising campaign, or should they rely on their users to refer new members and promote the game? We’re a huge fan of competition, and if Neo hasn’t heard about Marapets yet, then they should soon. Neopets can quickly lose its visitors to Marapets – maybe that’s why they don’t allow their users to discuss Marapets on the forums or anything (maybe they’re scared?). You tell us, but since a media giant owns Neopets, they can easily fight back and grow even faster.

So, what do you guys think? Can Marapets even surpass Neopets as being the #1 virtual pet site?

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