Should You Have A Pet Red Belly Piranha?

Having a piranha or two as a pet is something that many people want as a fish. They are intriguing, interesting, and very different from the average goldfish. However, should you have a pet red-bellied piranha? They are not the first fish that you should think about keeping as their requirements are higher than others. However, they are certainly worth the extra effort that you need to put in. One thing that you need to know is that they are not quite like you would imagine. For example, they are they will normally hide a lot more than you think.

Furthermore, when you own piranha, you need to either have one, or around five or more, as, between those numbers, there is a lot more chance of cannibalism between them. They will need a lot more space than you think they need, too. A lot of people will want to keep piranha as a statement; they are mean fish, and people like to show them off. That is not a good reason to keep them. You should never feed your fish live animals, even when you do see videos of them. That is because they will get infections and infestations, and only ever eat live food.

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