Which Pet Fish Can Live Together?

Whether you already have fish and want to add to your collection, or if you are looking to start an aquarium, only having one species of fish may not be your ideal setup. Many people enjoy looking at more than one type of fish and seeing how they interact with each other. Maybe even starting your own mini-ecosystem seems like a nice idea, and it is! That raises the question; which pet fish can live together?

If you are looking for tropical freshwater fish, then there are a few species that will live together very peacefully, and they should be your first choice. For example; Catfish, Danios, Gouramis, Corys, Guppies, Mollies, Loaches, Platies, Rasboras, Tetras, and Swordtails are all very well suited to living in groups. However, that does not mean that all of the fish will live together peacefully in the same tank. Therefore, the best thing that you could do is to pick one that you want to have, and research which of the fish would be well suited to live with that particular species.

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