What To Feed Your Pet Piranha

Piranhas are beautiful fish, and they are well known for being feeding generalists (they eat almost anything). Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons that people make bad choices when deciding to keep piranhas. They think that they will be able to feed them anything they have at hand, including leftover food from people. However, that is not healthy for the fish. So, what should you feed your pet piranha? Before we get into that, if you are offered a piranha that will only eat live fish, do not buy it.

You should only ever feed your piranha specific, store-bought food such as Cichlid pellets. There is just the right amount of nutrition in them for balanced diets. feeding them live fish will not be balanced, and human food will contain fats that they cannot digest. Therefore, they can be very detrimental to the health of your piranha. Remember to remove the remaining food from their aquarium after a few minutes to avoid overconsumption. Also, feed them enough to stop them going after each other if you have more than one!

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