Can Pet Fish Make You Sick?

There are many people who enjoy looking at and looking after pet fish. There are so many species of fish to choose from that, if you get it right, you can make an absolutely stunning aquarium with some beautiful pets. However, one question that you need to ask, and that many people do, is; can pet fish make you sick? Becoming sick from keeping fish is extremely rare, especially if you look after them properly, and protect yourself while you do so. That doesn’t mean though, that there is no possibility of getting sick from pet fish.

There are four primary diseases that humans can get through keeping pet fish. They are; Aeromonas spp, a bacteria in freshwater fish. You can only become infected through open water or drinking the water. Salmonella, a bacteria passed on in the same way as Aeromonas. Streptococcus iniae, bacteria transferred to humans through open cuts and grazes, and Mycobacterium marinum, another bacteria found in freshwater ponds and aquariums. As we stated, if you take care not to handle or clean your fish tank without gloves, and you wash your hands thoroughly, it is unlikely that you will become sick from pet fish.

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