Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are mystical, magical, beautiful, exotic creatures, and are as such great pets. Tropical fish are also easy to care for (at least more accessible than they were years ago, before the advancements in technologies such as filtration and lighting), provided we know a little about which to buy, according to their compatibility factors:
Angelfish are often the first choice for new aquarists seeking a tropical fish variety. But keep in mind Angelfish are territorial, not getting along well with other Angelfish of the same species, so it’s best to buy just one type of a species, and to be sure your tank has at least a 100-gallon capacity–as they grow to over nine inches long.

Angler fish are unique looking and unique in character, but because they are predators–ambush predators at that–you cannot have anything their size or smaller in the tank, or they will lure, swoop, and devour.

Basslets are colourful, relatively small–and stay that way–and get along very well with other fish, thriving exceptionally well in reef cultures and environs.

Batfish, beautiful and graceful, are schoolers that do best in tanks where many other large fish live, as they also eat smaller fish. But too important is that Batfish do not take well to captivity, and so are exceptionally difficult to care for.

Clownfish are quite suitable and most popular for reef environments, especially since the 27 breeds are the friends to sea anemones, swimming in and out of and feeding on the plankton and other tidbits that collect in the tentacles of their flowery friends.

Hundreds of other tropical fish–puffers, shark fish, triggers, wrasses, and tangs–are compatible, adaptable, and beautiful as pets and underwater companions to the fish above. With care, proper feeding, and good lighting and other systems, you will have a miniature ocean of creatures mystical and magical to enjoy.

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