How To Teach Your Parrot Tricks

Parrots are remarkable and intelligent birds. Research proves that parrots have the intellectual abilities of a small child. For many, teaching parrot tricks for entertainment is enough of a reason to own this bird. However, teaching your parrot tricks can have other purposes and functions. It will transform your parrot into a better behaving and more sociable bird.

When teaching your parrot tricks, try to keep the teaching lessons short. Extended sessions will only tire the parrot and make it a very negative experience for your bird. You also want to keep the exercise sessions positive and wait to start a training session until you are both ready. Choose a room that is quiet and free of distractions, as this will improve your parrot’s learning potential and increase the chances of the training to be a success. What’s more, the room should be well lit, which will make your parrot more comfortable and more open to new experiences. You must be relaxed and be stress-free when starting to train your parrot. Patience is critical when teaching your parrot tricks, as not having enough patience will significantly affect the way your parrot learns new skills.

Parrot trick #1 – Step Up

One of the most natural parrot tricks that bird trainers recommend is teaching your parrot how to “step up”. Your parrot will use this handy trick all the time and for the rest of his life. Teaching your parrot to step onto the object that is placed in front of him is an easy task. Place one finger in front of the bird’s feet and ask him in a calm, soothing voice to “step up”. For large birds you using your forearm is recommended. You can use his favourite snack or any food to persuade your parrot to move forward. Remember to award your parrot with the food when he masters the new parrot trick.

Parrot trick #2 – Turn Around

Another parrot trick that owners find it easy to teach their parrots is to “turn around”. Just follow these simple directions, and your parrot will learn a new trick in no time. While your parrot is in a standing position offer him a piece of food. As he starts reaching for it move one hand slowly to his back, your bird will have to turn his head around to see the food. Some birds make the turn immediately; others will require a little practice before they learn how to do a full turn, so be patient. Once again, remember to give your parrot the food as his reward for a job well done.

Parrot trick #3 – Teaching Your Parrot to Speak

Teaching your parrot how to speak can solve the problem of screeching with birds that are too vocal. Many birds use the screeching to get their owners to get attention. Both, you and your parrot will enjoy the parrot’s vocalization more when he can say words. By teaching a parrot talk, you can enjoy his company more. To make the process easier and more enjoyable for your parrot, remember that you should start with only one simple – one or two syllables – word. You can, of course, teach your parrot one of your favourite words. The most popular first word to train your parrot is “hello”. Repeat the word slowly several times until the parrot sounds the word in response. Once your parrot responds, give him his food reward. The first sound your parrot makes may not be the word that you are trying to teach him. Once again – be patient – the idea is to get your bird to respond to your voice. You can repeat this exercise several times until the parrot begins to mimic the word.

Teaching your parrot tricks is great fun! But, as always, consistency, patience, and affection are vital. If you make an effort to train your parrot regularly, the trick’s success rate will be much higher.

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