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Cats and Dogs make up the major part of our work on consulting days, at the premises Homeopathic vet at work – Putting the patient first Main Site.

All types of dogs and cats respond to Veterinary Homeopathy

Homeopathic Vet: Cats and dogs are seen at the AVMC premises, for vet homeopathy, but we do also visit at home, on request [house calls – home visits]. Natural medicine and veterinary homeopathy are enjoyed by cats and dogs, who respond well, by and large. While no promises of success can ever be made, results can often astound. Many animals defy a poor prognosis offered by conventional appraisal. Natural medicine stimulates natural healing capability, so surprising results can and often do occur in response to treatment with veterinary homeopathy, even with severe diseases. All patients are given natural dietary advice and are offered chiropractic manipulation, in support of homeopathic treatment. Veterinary Homeopathy can induce no side effects or idiosyncratic drug responses. This makes it particularly valuable for animals that are sensitive to modern drugs. It is also safe for pregnant bitches and queens and in puppies and kittens of any age. Canine & Feline Diseases

Cats and dogs suffer many complex diseases, as do humans. They have Cancer, Allergies, Urticaria, Atopy, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Auto-Immune (Autoimmune) Disorders, Colitis, IBS or IBD, Eczema, Canine Epilepsy, Arthritis, Back Problems, CDRM, Cystitis, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease (Hepatopathy), Atopy, Allergy, Skin problems, and many others. Is this because of diet or environment anomalies, shared with us, or is it because of the energetic bond that unites us to our pets and them to us? It may be a combination of these things. This is part of the challenge faced by a homeopathic vet.

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