Are you cat person or a dog person?


A co-worker tells you how taking her dog to the vet when it’s sick sets her back a few hundred dollars

Your best friend’s cat scratched their new, expensive furniture

What do you do in your free time to relax and unwind?

Someone you know is very sad because their 18-year-old cat has just died.

You’re at a party and the host’s dog makes its way through the guests asking to be pet.

Are you a Cat Person or Dog Person?

A friend finds a stray kitten that they can’t care for.

Your neighbors are a family with a three-year-old and two large dogs. The mother is now pregnant again.

Are you cat person or a dog person?
Pets? No, thanks!

Without stretching it thin, we can honestly say you seem to hate pets and animals, in general. You most likely lacked the opportunity to see what’s it like to own a cat, a dog or any other living thing depending on you while growing up, but this doesn't have to be a missed opportunity. It’s true that pets are usually troublemakers, but they can bring immense joy also.
The dog, your perfect companion.

The dog, your perfect companion. If you’re out and about looking for a pet, you can’t go wrong with a dog. It’s easy for you to understand its needs and you’ll never get angry if you occasionally have to clean up after it or spend a few bucks at the vet. Your dog is as much a family member as anyone and it requires the same affection as everyone else.
Cats, your fascination.

Cats, your fascination. A cat is your perfect pet. You know how to appreciate their elegance, their sharpness and the way they show affection. Your love of cats helps you overcome small inconveniences like stray hair all over your clothes and scratches across your furniture.
Pet? Yes, please, right now!

Pet? Yes, please, right now! You really want a pet; a cat or a dog doesn’t really matter, because you love all animals equally. You’re a sensitive nature and you completely understand the needs of a pet. Still, you want to make sure you can provide for a pet, so you’ll think long and hard before making a decision.

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