Chihuahua Behavior and Temperament

The Chihuahua or Chi’s for short is one of the most loved and popular breeds of dogs. The behavior of this dog is shaped mainly by its environment. This explains the different reactions of Chihuahua. Some of them are aggressive, and some are tame, some are lively, and some are a little lazy, some are edgy, and others are very confident.

Just like us, Chihuahuas can also inherit traits and characteristics from their parents. For the most part, they are loyal and can be trained easily. Chihuahua breeders try as best they can to breed the more favorable qualities. If you want to be sure about the chihuahua you are buying, check the certificates that come with it and get some firsthand information from the breeder about the family background of the dog. Remember that it is normal for any kind of dog to be aggressive when they see strangers; this is the fear instinct that is alive even in humans. After purchasing or adopting your pup, their behavior will depend on you and how you are going to train the dog. Your Chihuahua should be well adapted and socialize well with you, other dogs and people too.

Another common characteristic of the Chihuahua is it’s often demonstrated courage. It’s not uncommon for a Chihuahua to face a bigger dog unflinchingly. There are also instances when it displays signs of weakness which most people find amusing and cute. Chihuahua tends to be suspicious and bark noisily at strangers, especially if they suspect harm coming to them or you. Once you succeed in getting a chihuahua’s trust, the dog will have no problem approaching you and being friendly with you. It is then essential that the bond between you and the dog is established for you to enjoy its loyalty and attention to you as its master. It is best if you buy two of this breed for them to socialize and play with each other. This will be easy because of the Chihuahuas bond together quickly.

The great thing about Chihuahuas is they love being snuggled. The warmth they get from it gives them a feeling of love and security. Most owners love it when their Chihuahua snuggles to them. Chihuahua has been known to enjoy the sun so much that you often find them sunbathing; they will carefully find a spot and stay in the sunlight for warmth. When there is no sun, they will look for a blanket or a towel and wraps themselves to be warm. Do not expect them to go out for potty when it is cold outside, especially during winter. In the colder months, it is recommended that you dress your Chihuahua accordingly.

In my personal experience, I find that some breeds, including the Chihuahua, have instinctual behavior, but this is often nullified by proper training and interaction with the dog’s owner. If an owner is loud and panicky so too will the Chihuahua be? If an owner is relaxed and for the most part entirely so also will your pup be.

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