Beagle Training and Jack Russell Training


I’ve been a dog owner for well over 20 years now, and my two favorite breeds of dogs are Beagles and Jack Russells. Both of these breeds are the right size to have inside the house, both are intelligent, and both are very caring and loyal.

One of the problems I have had with these dogs over the years has been the ability to train them well. Jack Russell training and Beagle training can be challenging at the best of times. While both these breeds of dogs are highly intelligent, they can also both be very stubborn when it comes to training. What can make training these dogs even more difficult is the fact that the Jack Russell is a very dominant breed of dog who needs its space, and the Beagle is a very social dog that thrives of others – two contradicting traits.

Training these dogs, while challenging, isn’t impossible if you are determined and persistent in your effort. The main thing is to work at it every day, always maintain your stance as the Alpha dog and be consistent. Be firm with your rules and still use positive reinforcement. Good luck with your dog training!

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