Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

TCVM encompasses food therapy, acupuncture, tui na (bodywork), and herbal medicine. TCVM aims to bring the body back into balance to recover from disease processes. Pain and disease are caused by an improper flow of Qi (pronounced chi), the body’s life source energy. There may be deficient Qi, a blockage of Qi, or an abnormal direction of Qi. Depending on the severity of the disorder, one or more modalities may be used. Dramatic results can be obtained through these treatments alone, but can also be used with conventional therapies as well. The beautiful thing about these treatments is that they address the underlying cause of disease and pain, not just cover it up. Unlike conventional medications, side effects are rare and, if present, are transient.

Acupuncture uses needles in specific acupoints on the body to affect the flow of Qi. The needles can be used alone or with electrical stimulation or moxa therapy. (a herb used especially for arthritic conditions) Sometimes, an acupoint is injected with a substance, most commonly vitamin B12. I also use a low-level laser, sometimes known as a cold laser, to stimulate acupuncture points.

Tui na is a type of bodywork that is often used with acupuncture. I find that having the owner do tui na at home in between acupuncture sessions can hasten the response to acupuncture.

Tui na involves stretching, joint movements, compression, and kneading musculature.

Food therapy is vital for almost every condition. Often homemade diets will be recommended for the pet’s specific TCVM body type or disease process. I recommend that a certified nutritionist balances these diets, and I can send the recipes off to be balanced/.

Herbal medicine is often used with other therapies and enhances its effects. The specific Herb or herbal combination is chosen based on the pet’s body type or specific disorder. I use many herbal tinctures, organic, locally grown herbs, and I tincture them myself. Other herbal preparations come from reputable sources that I have used and trusted throughout my years in practice.

I love practising TCVM. I have found its philosophy and practice of it to be enlightening. I am no longer fighting disease and working with my patient to come into balance and let the body heal itself. I work with my patient and caregiver to achieve and enjoy health in its most vibrant and expansive form.

Energy work

After years of Alternative veterinary practice, I realize that all healing takes place on an energetic level first, before it becomes evident in the physical. Everything I do involves working with energy. When I use herbal therapies, I use the power the plant has taken from the sun and soil to create various compounds that treat specific conditions. When I place an Acupuncture needle, I affect the body’s flow of Qi (pronounced chi) or life force energy. Other energy work uses energy alone, such as TTouch and Reiki. Reiki is a type of energy work where the practitioner acts as a conduit for the flow of universal energy into the patient. The touch uses specific hand and finger motions to bring the Limbic system into balance. And Cranio-sacral work manipulates the skull, spine, and extremities to bring the patient into balance. I find Reiki especially helpful and use it with other therapies. I use Reiki when making herbal tinctures or compounds and when I do acupuncture and bodywork. As a Reiki Master, I can also do long-distance Reiki treatments and teach owners how to do Reiki for themselves and their pets.

I find Reiki and the Biosensor, a device used to help detect energy impulses, to be especially helpful in treating any disease process.

Behavioural Consultations

Behavioural problems are the only reason pets are taken to shelters or euthanized. I believe treating behaviour problems is essential for the total health of the pet and family.

I employ behaviour modification and relaxation techniques and herbal, food, pheromone, and drug therapy to help with behaviour problems. I work closely with an APDT-certified dog trainer to deliver a well-rounded approach to behaviour issues.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation

I am excited to offer orthopaedic manipulation for companion animals. This work is similar to chiropractic work in humans. The treatment uses an activator instrument, which reduces the subluxation, relieving pain and bringing about the return of function.

Pain, lameness, problems with gait, saddle soreness, and “slipped discs” are often a result of subluxation complexes in the spine. Veterinary orthopaedic manipulation treats these complexes and helps return normal function, reduces or eliminates pain, and can return the animal to a healthy state. This work can also help with chronic constipation in cats, chronic ear infections, and other medical conditions.

I have seen amazing results with this work. Pets that suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, back pain, and cruciate injuries can show improvement with this work.

Dogs who do agility and lure coursing can improve their performance with regular.

Orthopaedic manipulation. This also holds for horses as well.

Horses who have trouble with the bit, are saddle sore or have difficulty changing leads or gaits often have subluxation complexes and will benefit from this treatment.

I offer barn calls for horses and can treat any dogs and cats while there.

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  4. I recommend Parker and Friends Pet Sitting to anyone and everyone with a pet they love. Nadia (owner) is a professed animal lover and animal rescuer. Her love and appreciation for animals are immediately apparent as I feel absolute comfort with leaving my pets in her and her company’s care (her company does pet sitting as well as dog walking). Going out of town has become a breeze, especially with my sicker pup who requires regular comfort and care. Parker and Friends Pet Sitting is the perfect place if you’re looking for a compassionate and trustworthy company to look after your pets.

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