Dress Up Your Dog This Halloween

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According to the National Retail Federation, last year an estimated one in ten people (or 7.4 million households) donned their beloved pet in some sort of costume with Devil and Pumpkin costumes being the most popular. Many people who own pets think of them as family members and will go all out to include dogs, cats and other critters in their Halloween festivities. This includes trick-or-treating, handing out candy, costume parties, or even celebrating at a friend or family members house. Nothing quite says Halloween than having your pet running around dressed as Superman, Zorro or even Buzz Lightyear! Today, pet costumes are trendy. You can find them on just about every Halloween website. What started as a cute little idea of “dress up” for your dog has turned into a massive craze in pet costumes.

In many ways picking out the perfect costume for your pet is much like picking out a dress for yourself or your children. Your pet has its personality, and owners are tapping into that when they go out and look for any outfit. Also, there are many more pet costume contests than there were in years past. You can send in pictures of your dressed-up pet online, and your local pet stores always have a Halloween costume contest. There are prizes for the “cutest” pet costume, the “scariest” pet costume, the “funniest” pet costume, even the best “group” pet costumes. You have to admit that when you see a picture of a Dachshund (aka – wiener dog) dressed up in a long hot dog bun, you have to smile!

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