Services for Your Pet

Doggie Daycare

It is a Dog’s World! Our daycare service allows your dog to have an active social life while you tend to your professional life during the day. Your dog will be placed in the company of other dogs of appropriate size and temperament in our clean daycare space watched over by our caring staff. All the pooches in the daycare are walked or taken to any of the number of dog-runs in the vicinity, twice daily, for at least an hour so that they are well exercised. Daycare is available between 8 am-5 pm on weekdays. You can either drop-off your dog at our facility or take advantage of our free pick-up/drop-off service if you live in the neighborhood. If you live in the East Side, you may use our Van Service, which is open for those under our Daycare Membership Plans.


While away, out of town, you can rest easy, comfortable in the knowledge that your pets are being well taken care of. Your pooches will spend their time here, in the daycare facility if you prefer, or in a spacious residence in Long Island with a large yard all around to run about in. They will be fed, exercised, played with, or be administered their medicines, all according to your instructions. After all, our services are tailored to you and your pooches’ needs. Boarding is available seven days a week. You can either drop off your dog at the daycare, or we can do a pick-up/drop-off at your residence.

Dog Walking

Our qualified dog handlers can walk your dog on a regular or occasional basis any day of the week, depending on your scheduling requirements. Your dog shall be picked up from your residence and walked in the park or exercised in the dog run according to your request. Your pooch’s personality is important to us and deserves personal attention. No more than four dogs are walked together in a group. Further, you can request that your dog be walked individually. Please discuss possible options with us. Yup, its a walk in the park. Literally!!

Pet Sitting

We have reliable trust-worthy animal lovers who can stay and care for your pooch or kittie in your residence while you are away. You can be sure that our staff will take all the time necessary to understand you and your pet’s needs. References provide upon request.

Kittie Care

In your absence, you can rely on us for your cat’s well-being. Our staff will visit your kittie in your residence to feed, change litter, play with your cat, or give your cat the attention it most certainly deserves.

Van Service

For convenience, we provide a free pick-up/drop-off service to all our clients within a ten-block radius from our office. However, clients who live further away or on the East Side can make avail of our Van Service for a small fee. Remember, our Daycare Membership Plans provide free unlimited Van Service.

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