Are Pet Mice Nocturnal

Are Pet Mice Nocturnal?

If you are thinking of owning pet mice, you may want to know if they are nocturnal or not. Well, this article looks at some of the behaviors of mice and their sleeping habits. If... Read more
Can You Have A Pet Chinchilla In Australia

Can You Have A Pet Chinchilla In Australia?

Unfortunately, Chinchillas are banned pets in Australia. Along with other pets that they classify as exotic, they believe that they are a threat to the natural ecosystem; thus, it is illegal. Other pets that Australia... Read more
Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

Guinea pigs are not the most active creatures in the day. That can leave people thinking that they are nocturnal creatures, sleeping while you are out at work, shopping, or just general running around. It... Read more
Are Dog Years Real

Are Dog Years Real?

It is a prevalent thought that a dog’s life passes by faster than humans, and that is true, if only for the fact that a dog lives a lot less time than a human does.... Read more
Are Iguanas Herbivores

Are Iguanas Herbivores? What Do They Eat?

Iguanas are classified as omnivores, so they will eat anything that they are given. That is especially true when you are talking about Iguanas in captivity, such as pet Iguanas. If you were to watch... Read more
Are Crested Geckos Friendly

Are Crested Geckos Friendly?

If you have ever seen a Crested Gecko, you will have noticed that they are very flighty creatures. They are always looking for the next place to go, something to jump on, somewhere to hide.... Read more
Are Bearded Dragons Nocturnal

Are Bearded Dragons Nocturnal?

When you are selecting a pet that does not require a lot of maintenance, you may think about lizards. They are contained most of the time, relatively easy to look after, along with being cheap... Read more
Can Pet Fish Recognize You

Can Pet Fish Recognize You?

Having pets is a great feeling, especially when they recognize who you are, and they are excited to see you. The first animal that you would think of when you want a pet who can... Read more
Are Dog Crates Cruel?

Are Dog Crates Cruel?

Dog crates, everyone has seen them, and just as many people have their own opinion about whether or not they are cruel. This article is going to give you our insight into them, and how... Read more
Are Cat Bites Dangerous

Are Cat Bites Dangerous? – Find Out Before You Get Bitten

Along the same lines as our last post about rabbit bites, we are going to look at whether cat bites are dangerous or not. Cats enjoy playing, and part of that playing is biting. While... Read more
Are Pet Rabbit Bites Dangerous

Are Pet Rabbit Bites Dangerous?

First of all, pet rabbits and wild rabbits are different when we are talking about bites. A pet rabbit has not had the same exposure to viruses and infections as a wild rabbit has. So,... Read more

Are Dog Whistles Cruel? – We Tell You Before You Buy

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases which allows us to continue our work. Dog whistles, we all know about them; however, the first thought when you think of them is that they... Read more