Are Cat Bites Dangerous? – Find Out Before You Get Bitten

Along the same lines as our last post about rabbit bites, we are going to look at whether cat bites are dangerous or not. Cats enjoy playing, and part of that playing is biting. While it may be a fun pass-time for you to spend some time with your friendly feline, I suggest that you try to stop them from biting you as soon as you read this article. The most common pet that you would think of when you are talking about bites is a dog. That is with good reason, too. However, the less suspecting cat is actually more dangerous than a dog bite in terms of infection.

A huge 80% of all cat bites, except those that are small, unpainful bites, become infected. The reason for that is because cats have sharper teeth than dogs. That means that a cat bite is often deeper than a dog play-bite unless it is a large dog biting you maliciously. Furthermore, the hand is one of the worst places to get bitten by a cat because the infection can travel deeper into the hand into tendons and joints, creating a complicated problem to treat.

Our advice is to stop cats from biting you straight away, even if it is only playing. They become over-excited very quickly and can cause you real problems.

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